Imagining the Civil War: Race, Gender and the Popular Culture, 1860-1877

American Studies Seminar
Carolyn J. Lawes

The following American Studies Seminar research papers were written by students in the 2003 seminar, "Imagining the Civil War : Race, Gender and the Popular Culture, 1860-1877," under the supervision of Carolyn J. Lawes.

  • "Confederate vs. Union Textbooks : Comparison of Religion, Slavery, and Opinions of Each Other," by Tasha Andrade
  • "Poetry and Performing Arts : an Analysis of the Civil War Sheet Music Collection at the American Antiquarian Society," by Jacob J. Ball
  • "'Our Women and the War' : Women and Gender in Northern Cartoons of the American Civil War, 1860-1865," by Stefanie Bator
  • "Battles and Victories on the Literary Front : Reaction to Freedom from Didacticism in Children's Literature in Periodicals of the Civil War Era," by Jackie Donovan
  • "Wounded Healers : How the Horrors of the Civil War affected its Doctors," by Chris Dowdy
  • "The Caricature of Lincoln : Race and the Lincoln Image in the elections of 1860 & 1864," by David J. DuBois
  • "Bringing War to the West : California's Civil War Contributions in the San Francisco Bay Area," by Danielle A. Morgan
  • "Lincoln and Ridicule: Turning the Tide of Popular Opinion, 1860-1865," Steven Muscatello
  • "American Indians : The Unrecognized Losers of the Civil War," by Lynne O'Shea
  • "Skewed Participation : Women and the Civil War in Worcester and the Massachusetts Area," by Malia Willey

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