The Goddard-Daniels House

In 1981, AAS came into possession of the Goddard-Daniels House, at 190 Salisbury Street, directly across the street from Antiquarian Hall. It had been deeded with a life tenancy clause to the Society in 1970 by Eleanor Goddard Daniels, the daughter of the builders of the house and the widow of our Councilor Fred Harold Daniels. The house was constructed in 1905 and was extensively reconstructed in 1915 at the time of Eleanor's marriage.

Following Mrs. Daniels' death, AAS made a number of renovations to fit it for institutional use, but its primary rooms were left essentially unaltered and are used for seminars, lectures, and social functions. Secondary spaces were changed to accommodate office space for the staff and a small, modern kitchen. Bedrooms on the second story were made available to visiting scholars, and the music room, sans pipe organ, served as the residents' lounge. The third floor was renovated and is now the living quarters for a member of the Society's buildings and grounds maintenance staff. The grounds are quite beautiful and are the site of a number of uncommonly found species of trees.

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