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Film-Making and Videotaping

  1. Arrangements for filming must be made in advance with the curator of graphic arts. Film-makers must be accompanied at all times by an AAS staff member. The minimum service fee of $250 per half day must be paid in advance.
  2. Film-makers must conduct their research in the library prior to the day of filming. At the conclusion of their research they must provide the library staff with a clear and complete list of the materials they would like to film. All items are subject to the approval of the Society, and the Society reserves the right to refuse filming of any materials. If items cannot be held until the day of filming, the Readers' Services Department may request that call slips be submitted for each item on the list.
  3. Licensing fees for the use of images in a production or publication are separate and must be negotiated with the Society prior to their use.
  4. Representatives of the news media should contact the director of outreach to make special arrangements.

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