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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Andrews Mathilde 2020-21 Last University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. candidate in art history Winslow Homer and Evolutionary Thought
Baaki Brian 2020-21 Botein University of Memphis postdoctoral fellow in English Collecting Black Voices
Backer Samuel 2020-21 AHPCS Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. candidate in history 'The Parlor and the Public': American Culture, 1870-1920
Bidwell John 2020-21 Reese The Morgan Library & Museum Astor Curator and department head, printed books & bindings The Declaration of Independence: Prints, Broadsides, and Facsimiles
Bryer Rebekah 2020-21 Last Northwestern University Ph.D. candidate in theater National Acts: Performance, Commemoration, and the Construction of National Identity in the Aftermath of the Civil War
Caldwell Robert 2020-21 Last Southwest Louisiana Technical Community College assistant professor of history and geography Indians in their Proper Place: Social Sciences and the Mapping of Native America
Carbonell Caylin 2020-21 Hench College of William & Mary Ph.D. candidate in history ’At Home in My Master’s House’: Household, Labor, and Authority in Early New England
Cataldo Melanie 2020 Hearst Worcester, MA illustrator The Making: An illustrated novel that focuses on the struggle of two young girls living by 19th century standards in mid 20th century New England
Cooke Nym 2020-21 Keller independent scholar Inventory of American Sacred Music Imprints and Manuscripts through 1820
Couch Daniel 2020-21 Reese United States Air Force Academy assistant professor of English American Fragments: The Political Aesthetic of Literary Ruins in the Early Republic
Cross Anne 2020-21 Last University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate in art history 'Features of Cruelty Which Could Not Well Be Described by the Pen': The Media of Atrocity in Harper’s Weekly, 1862-1866
Crossley Alice 2020-21 Last University of Lincoln assistant professor of English and journalism Affect and Identity in Nineteenth-Century Valentines
Dippold Steffi 2020-21 AAS-NEH Kansas State University associate professor of English Plain as in Primitive: The Figure of the Native in Early America, 1640-1700
Elder Nika 2020-21 Last American University assistant professor of art John Singleton Copley and the Culture of Slavery
Fosbury Timothy 2020-21 Peterson University of California-Los Angeles Ph.D. candidate in english Persistent Futures of Bermudas Past
Furlanetto Elena 2020-21 Ebeling University of Duisburg-Essen postdoctoral fellow Converts, Creoles, Renegades: Dynamics of (Dis)ambiguation in Early North American Literature
Glancy Diane 2020 Baron Shawnee Mission, KS poet Quadrille: A poetry manuscript that explores the effect of Christianity on the Native American
Gruntner Holly 2020-21 Peterson William & Mary Ph.D. candidate in history 'some people of skil and curiosity': Knowledge and Labor in Early American Gardens, 1650-1820
Howell William 2020-21 AAS-NEH Boston University associate professor of English Worldly Muses: American Occasional Poetry from the Revolution to Reconstruction
Huang Yiyun 2020-21 Peterson University of Tennessee-Knoxville Ph.D. candidate in history The Chinese Origins of Medicinal Tea: Global Cultural Transfer and a Vast Early America
Jirik Michael 2020-21 Peterson University of Massachusetts-Amherst postdoctoral fellow of history Abolition and Academe
Joncus Berta 2020-21 ASECS Goldsmiths University of London assistant professor of music British Abolitionist Song c. 1780-1800
Keiter Lindsay 2020-21 Peterson Penn State-Altoona assistant professor of history Uniting Interests: Love, Money, and the Law in American Marriage, 1750-1860
Knutson Andrea 2020-21 Last Oakland University associate professor of English Barbados’s Plantation History at the Intersection of Slavery and Ecocide
Lande Jonathan 2020-21 Peterson Weber State University assistant professor of history Warriors, Rebels, and Runaways
Libow Jess 2020-21 Alstott-Morgan Emory University Ph. D. candidate in English Political Movement: Ability, Sex, and Reform in the Nineteenth-Century United States
Lorsung Eireann 2020 Baron Farmington, ME writer Non-fiction work that examines the history of gardens in Europe and the U.S.
Moon Nina 2020-21 Peterson Northwestern University Ph.D. candidate in English Mobile Women: Domesticity, Race, and Empire in the Eighteenth-Century Transatlantic
Myers Elissa 2020-21 Lapides The Graduate Center, CUNY Ph.D. candidate in english Crafting Girlhoods
Pacatte Jerrad 2020-21 Peterson Rutgers University Ph.D. candidate in history Fit for Town and Country: African American Women, Labor, and the Pursuit of Freedom in New England, 1740-1850
Peters Catherine 2020-21 Tracy Harvard University Ph.D. candidate in american studies A Free Race of Cultivators: Empire, Race, and Nature in the Nineteenth-Century Caribbean
Petit Marianne 2020 Jay and Deborah Last New York, NY mixed media artist Mouth & Toes: The World of 19th-Century (Performative) Silhouette Artists with Disabilities
Ping Laura 2020-21 Jaffee Pace University adjunct assistant professor of history Beyond Bloomers: Fashioning Change Nineteenth-Century Dress
Schlitt Michael 2020 Hearst Los Angeles, CA storyteller The Pursuit of Happiness podcast: a multi-episode audio series about Americans' quest for an elusive, aspirational ideal of happiness
Schroeder Jonathan 2020-21 AAS-NEH University of Warwick assistant professor of English and comparative literary studies The United States Governed by Six Hundred Thousand Despots
Sharren Kandice 2020-21 Botein Simon Fraser University instructor of English Politics, Paratexts, and Transatlantic Fiction, 1790-1840
Sinha Manisha 2020-21 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence University of Connecticut James L. and Shirley A. Draper Chair in American History
Smith Cynthia 2020-21 Legacy independent scholar Sentimental Sailors: Rescue and Conversion in Antebellum U.S. Literature
Stanback Micah-Jade 2020-21 Schiller Texas Christian University Ph.D. candidate in English Beyond Innocence: Examining Literary Representations of Black Childhood in the Nineteenth Century
Thornton Tamara 2020-21 AAS-NEH State University of New York, Buffalo professor of history Globes and the Global Imagination in America
Tobler Ryan 2020-21 Last Harvard Divinity School Ph.D. candidate in religion American Sacraments: Religion and Ritual in the Early United States
Todd Anna 2020-21 Peterson University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate in history The Ties that Bind: Illegitimacy in Early America
Turpin Zachary 2020-21 Peterson University of Idaho assistant professor of English A Targeted Archival Search for Walt Whitman’s Missing Novels
Walker Rachel 2020-21 AAS-NEH University of Hartford assistant professor of history Beauty and the Brain: The Science of the Mind in Early America
Walkiewicz Alice 2020-21 Drawn to Art The Graduate Center, CUNY Ph.D. candidate in art history Fabricating Clothing and Myth in the American Gilded Age
Wright Nazera 2020-21 AAS-NEH University of Kentucky associate professor of English Early African American Women Writers and their Libraries
Young Rosetta 2020-21 Last Haverford College visiting assistant professor in the writing program The Game of Human Life: Modern cultures of Childhood and Professional Society
Zelnik Eran 2020-21 Last University of California, Chico lecturer in history Republic of Mirth: Settler- Humor and the Making of a White Man’s Democracy, 1750-1850

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