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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Arthur James 2018 Last Jay and Deborah Last Baltimore, MD poet On a Portrait Bust in Worcester, Massachusetts: A poem inspired by an anonymous marble portrait bust acquired on behalf on the Antiquarian Society in 1881
Badley Dana 2018-19 Botein University of California, Santa Barbara Ph.D. candidate in English Aesthetic Sociality and Nineteenth-Century America
Bartlett Joshua 2018-19 Last State University of New York, Albany Ph.D. candidate in English The Many Lives of the Charter Oak
Bascom Benjamin 2018-19 AAS-NEH Ball State University assistant professor of English Feeling Singular: Masculinity and Desire in the Early Republic, 1786-1822
Beringer Alex 2018-19 Last University of Montevallo assistant professor of English Lost Literacies: Experiments in the Nineteenth-Century American Comic Strip
Bielawa Lisa 2018 Hearst New York, NY composer, producer, performer Sanctuary & Centuries in the Hours: A series of small works for the violin and voice, focusing on immigration
Bolker Jamie 2018-19 Peterson Fordham University Ph.D. candidate in English Lost and Found: Wayfinding in Early American Literature and Culture
Boos Lance 2018-19 Last Stony Brook University Ph.D. candidate in history The Development of a British Atlantic Musical Marketplace in the Eighteenth Century
Buchkoski Courtney 2018-19 Legacy University of Oklahoma Ph.D. candidate in English Benevolent Colonization: Emigration Aid and the American West, 1820-1880
Burd Camden 2018-19 Peterson University of Rochester Ph.D. candidate in history The Ornament of Empire: Nurserymen and the Making of the American Landscape
Childs Greg 2018-19 AAS-NEH Brandeis University assistant professor of history Scenes of Sedition: Racial Politics in Bahia during the Age of Revolution
Crawford Nicholas 2018-19 AAS-ASECS Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse postdoctoral fellow Sustaining Slavery: Plantation Provisioning and the Politics of Health in the British Caribbean, c. 1775-1838
Daly Ann 2018-19 Lapides Brown University PhD candidate in history Hard Money: The Making of a Specie Currency, 1828-1846
Duquette Elizabeth 2018-19 Last Gettysburg College associate professor of English Napoleonic Codes: Tyranny and Ubiquity in Nineteenth-Century America
Fraser Gordon 2018-19 Reese North Dakota State University assistant professor of English The Hawaiian Creation Chant and the Firm of Lee & Shepard
Freese Lauren 2018-19 Last University of South Dakota assistant professor of fine arts A Taste for Images: Depictions of Food and Eating in the American Popular Press
Gallagher Mark 2018-19 Packer University of California, Los Angeles Ph.D. candidate in English 'In the Optative Mood’: Unitarian Optimism and the Transcendental Affects of Peabody, Parker, Emerson, Fuller, and Thoreau
Gillaspie Caroline 2018-19 Last CUNY Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate in art history Fueling America: Visual Representations of Nineteenth-Century U.S. Coffee Consumption
Grummitt Julia 2018-19 Last Princeton University Ph.D. candidate in history The Great National Work: Visualizing Territory and Race in Nineteenth-Century North America
Hazard Sonia 2018-19 AAS-NEH Franklin & Marshall College visiting assistant professor of religious studies The Touch of the Word: Evangelical Cultures of Print in Antebellum America
Hessell Nikki 2018-19 Peterson Victoria University of Wellington associate professor of English Sensitive Negotiations: Romantic Literature and Indigenous Diplomacy, 1820-1950
Holness Lucien 2018-19 Last University of Maryland, College Park Ph.D. candidate in history Between North and South, East and West: The Anti-Slavery Movement in Southwestern Pennsylvania
Jaros Peter 2018-19 Peterson Franklin & Marshall College associate professor of English Incorporate Things: A Literary Genealogy of Corporate Personhood in Antebellum America
Jung Sandro 2018-19 Last Herzog August Library fellow A Transnational History of American Book Illustration
Kearin Ryan Madeline 2018-19 Peterson Brown University Ph.D. candidate in anthropology The Sensory Ecology of the Worcester State Hospital for the Insane
Laats Adam 2018-19 Alstott-Morgan State University of New York, Binghamton professor of teaching, learning, and educational leadership Toe the Line: Joseph Lancaster and the Delusion of Early School Reform
Larnerd Joseph 2018-19 Jaffee Stanford University Ph.D. candidate in art and art history The Makings of Cut Glass in America, 1876-1916
Le Seven Emilia 2018-19 Jenny d’Héricourt Université Paris Diderot Ph.D. candidate in English-speaking cultures Cooper’s Sea Romances and the American Grand National Narrative
MacNamara Trent 2018-19 Peterson Texas A & M University assistant professor of history Big Sky: Popular Ideas about the Heavens in America
Martini Elspeth 2018-19 AAS-NEH Montclair State University professor of history Humanitarian Authority and Indigenous Dispossession in the U.S. and British Empires
McIntyre Kate 2018-19 Peterson Columbia University Ph.D. candidate in English Fugitive Circulations: The Political Ecology of Poetry in Early African-American Newspapers
McLaughlin Don James 2018-19 Hench University of Tulsa assistant professor of 19th-century American literature Infectious Affect: The Phobic Imagination in American Literature
Mullin Brian 2018 Hearst London, U.K. playwright Play inspired by the community of freed African-American slaves who lived freely in an abandoned British garrison in the West Florida territory following the end of the War of 1812
Murphy Sharon 2018-19 AAS-NEH Providence College professor of history and classics Banking on Slavery in the Antebellum South
Nesbit TaraShea 2018 Baron Oxford, OH writer Beheld: The story of the Mayflower pilgrims told through the eyes of two women, Alice Bradford, a puritan, and Eleanor Billington, an indentured servant
Owens Camille 2018-19 Schiller Yale University Ph.D. candidate in African American studies Blackness and the Human Child: Race, Prodigy, and the Logic of American Childhood
Pasierowska Rachael 2018-19 Peterson Rice University Ph.D. candidate in history Beasts, Birds, and Bondsmen: Animal and Slave Interactions in Atlantic World Slavery
Pazian Erika 2018-19 AHPCS Graduate Center of the City University of New York Ph.D. candidate in art history Visual Culture and National Identity during the U.S.-Mexican War
Perry Seth 2018-19 Reese Princeton University assistant professor of religion Lorenzo Dow and the Origins of American Religious Celebrity
Philip Leila 2018 Baron Woodstock, CT writer Non-fiction book about the experiences of contemporary New England fur trappers, offering a compelling, if startling window through which to reconsider environmentalism
Pohrt Tanya 2018-19 Drawn to Art Lyman Allyn Art Museum project curator Mary Way and Elizabeth Way Champlain: Miniaturists of the Early Republic
Prorokova Tatania 2018-19 Ebeling Philipps-Universität Marburg adjunct instructor in American studies Climate Change, the Environment, and the Industrial Revolution in the U.S.
Salisbury Neal 2018-19 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence Smith College Barbara Richmond 1940 Professor Emeritus in the Social Sciences Lives on the Line: Colonial Histories in Early New England
Sepulveda Asiel 2018-19 Last Southern Methodist University Ph.D. candidate in art history City Impressions: Lithography and Urban Modernity in Nineteenth-Century Havana
Smith Dorin 2018-19 Peterson Brown University Ph.D. candidate in English Brain Fever
Suazo Matthew 2018-19 AAS-NEH Kenyon College visiting assistant professor in English Wetland Americas: Literature, Race, and the Mississippi River Valley in Translation, 1542-1884
Tackett Justin 2018-19 Peterson Stanford University Ph.D. candidate in English Investigating the Poetics of American Stethoscopy and Telegraphy
Trafton Melissa 2018-19 Last University of New Hampshire adjunct professor of art history Animals in the Age of Darwin
Walker Rachel 2018-19 Last University of Maryland, College Park Ph.D. candidate in history A Beautiful Mind: Faces, Beauty, and the Brain in the Anglo-Atlantic World, 1780-1870
Wingate Jordan 2018-19 Tracy University of California, Los Angeles Ph.D. candidate in English The Periodical Origins of the American Self
Zapedowska Magdalena 2018-19 Botein University of Massachusetts, Amherst Ph.D. candidate in English Black Dissent and Black Freedom: Revolution, Emigration, Reform, 1850-1870

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