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Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Arndt Sarah 2010-11 Reese Trinity College, University of Dublin PhD candidate The Book Trade and Print Culture: A Comparative Analysis of Belfast and Baltimore, 1760-1825
Bahar Matthew 2010-11 Legacy University of Oklahoma PhD candidate People of the Dawnland and their Atlantic World
Bak Meredith 2010-11 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of California, Santa Barbara PhD candidate Perception and Playthings: Optical Toys as Instruments of Science and Culture
Call Wendy 2010 Baron Seattle, WA Non-fiction writer Research for series of literary essays about the grieving process
Cassedy Tim 2010-11 Peterson New York University PhD candidate The Character of Communication, 1790-1810
Chen Xi 2010-11 Peterson University of Washington, Seattle PhD candidate The Life and Times of John B. Gough
Collier Jessica 2010-11 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of California, Irvine PhD candidate The Transcendental Classroom: Childhood Education and Literary Culture in Antebellum America
Coward John 2010-11 AHPCS University of Tulsa associate professor Cartooning with Savages: A Cultural History of Native American Images in the Popular Press
Curd Bryan 2010-11 Drawn-to-Art Harrison Middleton University tutor Facing Death: Portraiture and Mourning Ritual in America, 1775-1850
Depkat Volker 2010-11 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of Regensburg professor The Visualization of Legitimacy
Dillon Elizabeth 2010-11 AAS-NEH Northeastern University associate professor Gender, Sex, and Modernity: Geographies of Reproduction in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World
Goodman Glenda 2010-11 Peterson Harvard University PhD candidate Songs Crossing the Atlantic: The Making of Musical Hybrids
Harvey Sean 2010-11 AAS-NEH Northern Illinois University visiting assistant professor American Languages: Indians, Ethnology, and the Empire for Liberty
Herrington Philip 2010-11 Peterson University of Virginia PhD candidate The Plantation as Imagined in Antislavery Discourse, 1830-1860
Hill Sean 2010 Hearst Bemidji, MN Poet Research for series of poems about two African American men who immigrated with their families from Milledgeville, GA to Liberia in the 1870s
Holt Kerin 2010-11 Center for Historic American Visual Culture Utah State University assistant professor Reading the Federal Republic: Considering the Place of the States in the Early U.S.
Homestead Melissa 2010-11 Reese University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor E.D.E.N. Southworth's Serial Fiction
Horton James O. 2010-11 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence George Washington University professor emeritus A Documentary History of African Americans from 1619 to the Civil War
Horton Lois 2010-11 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence George Washington University professor emerita African Americans and the Concept of Freedom in the Revolutionary Era
Keyes Sarah 2010-11 Peterson University of Southern California PhD candidate Circling Back: Migration to the Pacific and the Reconfiguration of America, 1820-1900
Klaum Alison 2010-11 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of Delaware PhD candidate Pressing Flowers: American Floral Prints and Preserving Culture in the Nineteenth Century
Lampert Sara 2010-11 Peterson University of Michigan PhD candidate Women and the Making of the Nineteenth-Century Culture Industry
Lewis Daniel 2010-11 Last Northern Virginia Community College assistant professor The Popularity of 'Washington Crossing the Delaware' Prints in the Literary Marketplace, 1853-1861
Löhrer Gudrun 2010-11 Ebeling John F. Kennedy Institute, Free University of Berlin visiting professor A Cultural History of U.S.-American Banknotes in the Early Nineteenth Century
Marrs Aaron 2010-11 Peterson U.S. Department of State historian Moving Forward: A Social History of the Transportation Revolution
McIntosh Hugh 2010-11 Center for Historic American Visual Culture Northwestern University PhD candidate Civil War Advertising and the Popular Novel
Miller Daegan 2010-11 Center for Historic American Visual Culture Cornell University PhD candidate Witness Tree: Nature, Culture, and Progress in Nineteenth-Century America
Murray Laura 2010-11 Tracy Queen's University associate professor What is an Newspaper? Exchange and Citation Practices in Antebellum American Dailies
Nuernberger Kathryn 2010 Hearst Glouster, OH Poet Research for a collection of poems titled "Curiosities," which merges poetic and academic impulses through special attention to performance art from the 19th century as well as games, plays, and librettos
Oliver Christopher 2010-11 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of Virginia PhD candidate Civic Visions: The Panorama and Popular Amusement in American Art and Society, 1845-1870
Pastore Christopher 2010-11 Peterson University of New Hampshire PhD candidate From Sweetwater to Seawater; An Environmental and Atlantic History of Narragansett Bay, 1636-1836
Pryor Elizabeth 2010-11 Peterson Smith College assistant professor The United States Itinerancy of Mrs. Zilpha Elaw, 1812-1840
Reed Peter 2010-11 NEMLA University of Mississippi assistant professor Dancing on the Volcano: The Haitian Revolution and American Performance Cultures, 1790-1865
Rivecca Suzanne 2010 Baron San Francisco, CA Fiction writer Research for a novel about Walt Whitman's sojourn by boat to New Orleans with his teenage brother, Jeff
Rood Daniel 2010-11 Hench University of California, Irvine Ph.D. in history Plantation Technocrats: A History of Science and Technology in the Slaveholding Atlantic World, 1830-1860
Rosenthal Caitlin 2010-11 Botein Harvard University PhD candidate Accounting for Control: Book-keeping in early Nineteenth-Century America
Roth-Reinhardt Anne 2010-11 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of Minnesota PhD candidate 'Retouching' American History: Narrative and Graphic Illustrations within Nineteenth-Century Historical Fiction
Silverman David 2010-11 ASECS George Washington University associate professor Thundersticks: Firearms and the Transformation of Native America
Solomon Stephanie 2010 Jay and Deborah Last Hermosa Beach, CA Performer Research in order to collect visuals for film titled "American Voices: Spirit of Revolution"
Tomlin T.J. 2010-11 Botein University of Northern Colorado assistant professor A Faith for All Persuasions: Almanacs and American Religious Life, 1730-1820
Troutman Phillip 2010-11 Center for Historic American Visual Culture George Washington University assistant professor Abolition Comix: Visual Semiotics in Antislavery Materials
Volk Kyle 2010-11 AAS-NEH University of Montana assistant professor Tyrannies of Moral Majorities: The Minority Rights Revolution in Antebellum America
Weimer Adrian 2010-11 Peterson University of Mississippi assistant professor A Cultural History of Afflictions and Consolation in Early New England
Wilson Lisa 2010-11 AAS-NEH Connecticut College professor Cinderella's Family

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