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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Arndt Sarah 2010-11 Reese Trinity College, University of Dublin Ph.D. candidate The Book Trade and Print Culture: A Comparative Analysis of Belfast and Baltimore, 1760-1825
Bahar Matthew 2010-11 Legacy University of Oklahoma Ph.D. candidate People of the Dawnland and their Atlantic World
Bak Meredith 2010-11 Last University of California, Santa Barbara Ph.D. candidate Perception and Playthings: Optical Toys as Instruments of Science and Culture
Call Wendy 2010 Baron Seattle, WA non-fiction writer Series of literary essays about the grieving process
Cassedy Tim 2010-11 Peterson New York University Ph.D. candidate The Character of Communication, 1790-1810
Chen Xi 2010-11 Peterson University of Washington, Seattle Ph.D. candidate The Life and Times of John B. Gough
Collier Jessica 2010-11 Last University of California, Irvine Ph.D. candidate The Transcendental Classroom: Childhood Education and Literary Culture in Antebellum America
Coward John 2010-11 AHPCS University of Tulsa associate professor Cartooning with Savages: A Cultural History of Native American Images in the Popular Press
Curd Mary Bryan 2010-11 Drawn to Art Harrison Middleton University tutor Facing Death: Portraiture and Mourning Ritual in America, 1775-1850
Depkat Volker 2010-11 Last University of Regensburg professor The Visualization of Legitimacy
Dillon Elizabeth 2010-11 AAS-NEH Northeastern University associate professor Gender, Sex, and Modernity: Geographies of Reproduction in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World
Goodman Glenda 2010-11 Peterson Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Songs Crossing the Atlantic: The Making of Musical Hybrids
Harvey Sean 2010-11 AAS-NEH Northern Illinois University visiting assistant professor American Languages: Indians, Ethnology, and the Empire for Liberty
Herrington Philip 2010-11 Peterson University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate The Plantation as Imagined in Antislavery Discourse, 1830-1860
Hill Sean 2010 Hearst Bemidji, MN poet Dangerous Goods: A series of poems about two African American men who immigrated with their families from Milledgeville, GA to Liberia in the 1870s
Holt Keri 2010-11 Last Utah State University assistant professor Reading the Federal Republic: Considering the Place of the States in the Early U.S.
Homestead Melissa 2010-11 Reese University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor E.D.E.N. Southworth's Serial Fiction
Horton James O. 2010-11 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence George Washington University professor emeritus A Documentary History of African Americans from 1619 to the Civil War
Horton Lois 2010-11 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence George Mason University professor emerita African Americans and the Concept of Freedom in the Revolutionary Era
Keyes Sarah 2010-11 Peterson University of Southern California Ph.D. candidate Circling Back: Migration to the Pacific and the Reconfiguration of America, 1820-1900
Klaum Alison 2010-11 Last University of Delaware PhD candidate Pressing Flowers: American Floral Prints and Preserving Culture in the Nineteenth Century
Lampert Sara 2010-11 Peterson University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate Women and the Making of the Nineteenth-Century Culture Industry
Lewis Daniel 2010-11 Last Northern Virginia Community College assistant professor The Popularity of 'Washington Crossing the Delaware' Prints in the Literary Marketplace, 1853-1861
Löhrer Gudrun 2010-11 Ebeling John F. Kennedy Institute, Free University of Berlin visiting professor A Cultural History of U.S.-American Banknotes in the Early Nineteenth Century
Marrs Aaron 2010-11 Peterson U.S. Department of State historian Moving Forward: A Social History of the Transportation Revolution
McIntosh Hugh 2010-11 Last Northwestern University Ph.D. candidate Civil War Advertising and the Popular Novel
Miller Daegan 2010-11 Last Cornell University Ph.D. candidate Witness Tree: Nature, Culture, and Progress in Nineteenth-Century America
Murray Laura 2010-11 Tracy Queen's University associate professor What is a Newspaper? Exchange and Citation Practices in Antebellum American Dailies
Nuernberger Kathryn 2010 Hearst Minneapolis–St. Paul, MN. poet A collection of poems that merges poetic and academic impulses through special attention to performance art from the 19th century as well as games, plays, and librettos
Oliver Christopher 2010-11 Last University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate Civic Visions: The Panorama and Popular Amusement in American Art and Society, 1845-1870
Pastore Christopher 2010-11 Peterson University of New Hampshire Ph.D. candidate From Sweetwater to Seawater; An Environmental and Atlantic History of Narragansett Bay, 1636-1836
Pryor Elizabeth 2010-11 Peterson Smith College assistant professor The United States Itinerancy of Mrs. Zilpha Elaw, 1812-1840
Reed Peter 2010-11 NEMLA University of Mississippi assistant professor Dancing on the Volcano: The Haitian Revolution and American Performance Cultures, 1790-1865
Rivecca Suzanne 2010 Baron San Francisco, CA fiction writer Novel about Walt Whitman's sojourn by boat to New Orleans with his teenage brother, Jeff
Rood Daniel 2010-11 Hench University of California, Irvine Ph.D. in history Plantation Technocrats: A History of Science and Technology in the Slaveholding Atlantic World, 1830-1860
Rosenthal Caitlin 2010-11 Botein Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Accounting for Control: Book-keeping in early Nineteenth-Century America
Roth-Reinhardt Anne 2010-11 Last University of Minnesota Ph.D. candidate 'Retouching' American History: Narrative and Graphic Illustrations within Nineteenth-Century Historical Fiction
Silverman David J. 2010-11 ASECS George Washington University associate professor Thundersticks: Firearms and the Transformation of Native America
Solomon Stephanie 2010 Jay and Deborah Last Hermosa Beach, CA performer Research in order to collect visuals for film titled "American Voices: Spirit of Revolution"
Tomlin T.J. 2010-11 Botein University of Northern Colorado assistant professor A Faith for All Persuasions: Almanacs and American Religious Life, 1730-1820
Troutman Phillip 2010-11 Last George Washington University assistant professor Abolition Comix: Visual Semiotics in Antislavery Materials
Volk Kyle 2010-11 AAS-NEH University of Montana assistant professor Tyrannies of Moral Majorities: The Minority Rights Revolution in Antebellum America
Weimer Adrian 2010-11 Peterson University of Mississippi assistant professor A Cultural History of Afflictions and Consolation in Early New England
Wilson Lisa 2010-11 AAS-NEH Connecticut College professor Cinderella's Family

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