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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Macdonald Alexandra 2022-23 Last William & Mary PhD candidate in history The Social Life of Time in the Anglo-Atlantic World, 1660-1830
Mackenthun Gesa 2006-7 Peterson University of Rostock professor The Conquest of Antiquity: Geographical Discovery and Romantic Scholarship in the USA
Mackin Jeanne 1999 Wallace Ithaca, NY novelist The Sweet By and By: Maggie and Katie Fox
MacNamara Trent 2018-19 Peterson Texas A & M University assistant professor of history Big Sky: Popular Ideas about the Heavens in America
Maddox Tyesha 2015-16 Peterson New York University Ph.D. candidate From Invisible to Immigrants: Political Activism and the Construction of Caribbean American Identity, 1890-1940
Madsen Deborah 1995-96 RA University of Leicester director Colonial Legacies: A History of the Pynchon and Hawthorne Families
Maertz Gregory 1996-97 Peterson St John's University associate professor Goethe's Translators, Critics, and Readers in Nineteenth-Century New England
Mahoney Nicole 2019-20 Botein University of Maryland, College Park Ph.D. candidate in history Liberty, Gentility, and Dangerous Liaisons: French Culture and Polite Society in Early National America, 1770-1825
Main Gloria 1978-79 AAS-NEH independent researcher The Massachusetts Farmer and his Family
Main Jackson 1987-88 RA University of Colorado, Boulder adjunct professor Leaders of Several Newly Established Counties, ca 1800
Malanson Jeffrey 2009-10 Peterson Boston College Ph.D. candidate Addressing America: Washington's Farewell and the Making of National Culture, Politics, and Diplomacy, 1796-1852
Malcom Allison 2008-9 Legacy University of Illinois-Chicago PhD candidate "A Protestant Patriotism: Anti-Catholicism and the Rise of Nationhood in North America, 1830-1870."
Mandell Daniel 2002-3 Tracy Truman State University assistant professor Images of Indians in Southern New England, 1760 - 1880
Mandell Daniel 2012-13 AAS-NEH Truman State University professor The Lost Tradition of Equality in America, 1600-1870
Manegold Catherine 2005-6 AAS-NEH Emory University professor In an Office Built by Slaves
Manion Jen 2005-6 Peterson Rutgers University Ph.D. candidate Women's Crime and Penal Reform in Early Pennsylvania, 1776-1835
Manion Jen 2012-13 AAS-NEH Connecticut College assistant professor Crossing Gender: Female Masculinity in the 18th & 19th Centuries
Mansouri Leila 2014-15 Last University of CA, Berkeley Ph.D. candidate in English Constituent Characters
Marin Marco 2013-14 Peterson University of Trieste postdoctural fellow The Political Catechisms for Schools and Children in the United State, 1790-1850
Marini Stephen 1988-89 AAS-NEH Wellesley College professor Religion in the American Revolution
Marini Stephen 1988-89 AAS-NEH Wellesley College professor Migrants and Itinerants, Schools and Psalmody: Neglected Networks of Religious Culture in Revolutionary America
Markson Helena 1991-92 RA Haifa, Israel senior lecturer Early American Lithography and Allied Printing
Marr Timothy 1999-00 Hench Yale Ph.D. candidate Imagining Ishmael: Studies of Islamic Orientalism in America from the Puritans to Melville
Marr Timothy 1996-97 Peterson Yale University Ph.D. candidate Islamic Orientalism in Nineteenth-Century America
Marrs Aaron 2010-11 Peterson U.S. Department of State historian Moving Forward: A Social History of the Transportation Revolution
Marti Donald 1974-75 Daniels University of Indiana, South Bend associate professor Movements for Agricultural Improvements in 19th-Century New England and New York
Martin Russell 1992-93 Peterson University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate Almanacs of the Southern States, 1732-1860
Martin Peter 1995-96 Peterson Emory College Ph.D. candidate Forgotten Immigrant Church: The French-Canadian Religious Identity in New England
Martini Elspeth 2018-19 AAS-NEH Montclair State University professor of history Humanitarian Authority and Indigenous Dispossession in the U.S. and British Empires
Martinko Whitney 2009-10 Last University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate Progress through Preservation: History on the American Landscape in an Age of Improvement, 1790-1860
Martinko Whitney 2015-16 Hench Villanova University assistant professor Progress through Preservation: History on the American Landscape in an Age of Improvement, 1785-1860
Martinko Whitney 2022-23 AAS-NEH Villanova University assistant professor of history The Corporate Origins of Cultural Property
Masse Isabelle 2019-20 Last McGill University Ph.D. candidate in art history Itinerant Portraitists in North America: Mobility, Practice, Transmission, 1776-1812
Masten April 2001-2 Drawn to Art visiting assistant professor The Work of Art
Masten April 2008-9 Peterson State University of New York, Stony Brook associate professor The Challenge Dance: Transatlantic Exchange in Early American Popular Culture
Mastromarino Mark 1989-90 Hiatt College of William and Mary Ph.D. candidate Elkanah Watson and Massachusetts Agricultural Fairs
Masur Louis 1982-83 Hiatt Princeton University Ph.D. candidate The Culture of Executions in America, 1776-1860
Masur Louis 1998-99 Peterson City College of New York professor The American Republic in 1831
Mattes Mark 2009-10 Botein University of Iowa Ph.D. candidate Letter Interception and Publication during the Era of Good Feelings
Mauduit Julien 2011-12 Peterson Universite du Quebec a Montreal Ph.D. candidate 'Locofocoism' and the Canadian Revolution (1837-1842): from a selection of pamphlets, newspapers, and other printed materials
Mayer Henri Andre Van Huysen 1975-76 Daniels California at Berkeley Ph.D. candidate American Views of Science, 1775-1810
Mazzio Joann 2000 Baron Pinos Altos, NM writer Fremont Expeditions in the 1840's
McAbee Leslie 2017-18 Last Univeristy of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Ph.D. candidate Exotic Animals and the American Conscience, 1840-1900
McBride Dwight 2015-16 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence Northwestern University Daniel Hale Williams professor of African American studies, English, and performance studies Poetics, Politics, and Phillis Wheatley
McCaffrey Katherine 2004-5 Peterson Boston University Ph.D. candidate "Reading Glasses: American Spectacles from Benjamin Franklin's Bifocals to Mithril"
McCants Laurie 2019 Baron Bloomsburg, PA actor Solo performance about Frances Slocum, who in 1778 was abducted by the Lenape at 5 years of age
McCarl Mary 1987-88 Peterson Boston University Ph.D. candidate More Confessions of Thomas Shepard's Cambridge Parishioners, 1648-49
McCarthy Molly 2000-1 Richard F. and Virginia P. Morgan Brandeis University Ph.D. candidate A Page, A Day: A History of the Daily Diary in America
McCarthy Molly 2003-4 Hench Brandeis University Ph.D. candidate A Page, A Day: A History of the Diary in America
McClary Ben 1982-83 Haven Middle Georgia State College professor Samuel Lorenzo Knapp and His Milieu
McConnell Eleanor 2006-07 Peterson Brandeis Ph.D. candidate A Scarce Plenty: Economics, Citizenship, and Opportunity in Revolutionary New Jersey, 1760-1820
McCoubrey Sarah 2007 Jay and Deborah Last Fayetteville, NY painter Hannah Morse: A fictive archive of the mid 19th century landscape painter
McCoy Colin 1998-99 Peterson University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Ph.D. candidate Partisans and Pamphleteers: The Literature of Persuasion in Jacksonian America, 1820-1845
McCurdy John 2006-7 ASECS Eastern Michigan University assistant professor The Politics of Bachelorhood in Early America
McCusker John 1980-81 Daniels University of Maryland associate professor The Rum Trade
McDermott Vivian 1994 K-12 Northside School, Wolf Point, MT teacher Indian-White Relations
McDermott Shawna 2016-17 Last University of Pittsburgh Ph.D. candidate Reading Race: Visual Literacy in Nineteenth-Century American Children's Periodicals
McDougall Warren 1997-98 ASECS University of Edinburgh honorary fellow The Scots Book Trade to Boston and New York in the 18th Century
McElroy James 1975-76 Daniels SUNY Plattsburgh assistant professor The Papers of John B. Hough
McGill Meredith 2003-4 Mellon Postdoctoral Rutgers University associate professor Poetry in Motion: Lyric Circulation in the Antebellum United States
McGill Meredith 1995-96 Peterson Harvard University assistant professor American Literature and the Culture of Reprinting Rewriting Romanticism Fashioning the Marketplace
McIntosh Hugh 2010-11 Last Northwestern University Ph.D. candidate Civil War Advertising and the Popular Novel
McIntyre Kate 2018-19 Peterson Columbia University Ph.D. candidate in English Fugitive Circulations: The Political Ecology of Poetry in Early African-American Newspapers
McKito Valerie 2007-8 Peterson Texas Tech University Ph.D. candidate "In the Shadow of Victory: Loyalists in the Aftermath of the Revolution"
McLaren Scott 2012-13 Botein York University associate professor Nurseries of Faith: The New York Methodist Book Concern and the Growth of Methodist Sunday Schools in Upper Canada, 1815-1850
McLaughlin Don James 2015-16 Peterson University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate Touching Phobia: Viral Affect and the Madicalization of Fear in Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Literature
McLaughlin Don James 2018-19 Hench University of Tulsa assistant professor of 19th-century American literature Infectious Affect: The Phobic Imagination in American Literature
McLean Stuart 1981-82 Daniels University of Chicago Ph.D. candidate California Gold Fever
McLucas Anne 1985-86 Peterson Harvard University associate professor The Connection Between American Folk Song and Theatre
McNamara Martha 2004-5 AAS-NEH University of Maine associate professor New England Visions: Landscape Representation in History and Art, 1790-1850
McNulty Rebecca 2003-4 Peterson University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ph.D. candidate Education for Empire: Manual Labor, Civilization, and the Family in Nineteenth-Century American Missionary Education
McVay Georgianne 1972-73 U.S. Steel Foundation Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science assistant professor Verbal Humor in the Caricatures of David Claypool Johnston
Mears Tanya 2008-9 Peterson Norfolk State University assistant professor 'To Lawless Rapine Bred': Early New England Execution Literature Featuring People of African Descent.
Meldrum Barbara 1990-91 AAS-NEH University of Iowa professor Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Dynamics of Nineteenth-Century American Progress
Merritt Jane 2008-9 Peterson Old Dominion University associate professor The Trouble with Tea: Consumption, Politics, and the Making of a Global Colonial Economy
Messer Peter 2007-8 ASECS Mississippi State University assistant professor Revolution by Committee: Law, Language, and Ritual in Revolutionary America
Messer Sarah 1999 Wallace Madison, WI non-fiction writer, poet Red House: A non-fiction memoir that explores America’s fascination with history, family, and Great Houses
Michelon Christina 2016-17 Last University of Minnesota Ph.D. candidate Interior Impressions: Printed Material in the Nineteenth-Century American Home
Michelon Christina 2019-20 AAS-NEH postdoctoral fellow Printcraft: Making with Mass Images in Nineteenth-Century America
Middleton Stephen 1994-95 Peterson North Carolina State University associate professor The Black Laws of Ohio
Mihm Stephen 2001-2 Peterson New York University Ph.D. candidate The Alchemists: Counterfeiters and Counterfeiting in Antebellum America
Miles William 1984-85 Haven Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan bibliographer History and Bibliography of American Presidential Election Campaign Newspapers
Miller Daegan 2010-11 Last Cornell University Ph.D. candidate Witness Tree: Nature, Culture, and Progress in Nineteenth-Century America
Miller Hilary 2014-15 Last Penn State University, Harrisburg Ph.D. candidate in American studies The National Road and the Expansion of American Culture, 1811-1850
Miller Katherine 2014-15 Drawn to Art University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate in art and architectural history The Office of the Supervising Architect's Experiments with Architectural Representation: Prints & Photographs
Miller Marla 1994-95 Peterson University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Ph.D. candidate `My Daily Bread Depends Upon My Labor': Gender and Artisanry in Early America
Miller Denise 2016 Hearst Texas Township, MI creative writer Travelogos: African Americans and the Struggle for Safe Passage
Miller Ken 2017-18 ASECS Washington College associate professor The Strange Case of Bathsheba Spooner: A Tale of Sex and Murder in Revolutionary America
Miller Rachel 2017-18 Last University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate Capital Entertainment: Creative Labor and the Modern State, 1860-1910
Miller Rachel 2019-20 Hench Center for Cultural Analysis, Rutgers University postdoctoral associate Capital Entertainment: Stage Work and the Origins of the Creative Economy, 1843-1912
Mills Robert 2015-16 Peterson Northwestern University Ph.D. candidate The Pirate and the Sovereign
Mills Shavonte 2019-20 Schiller Pennsylvania State University Ph.D. candidate in history Visionaries: The Black Educational Network as Transnational Diasporic Politics, 1840-1880
Mills David 2019 Hearst Long Island City, NY poet After Mistic: A poetry manuscript that focuses on slavery in Massachusetts and New York
Miltenberger Scott 2003-4 Peterson University of California, Davis Ph.D. candidate All Gotham's Creatures: Animals and the Middle Class in New York City, 1783-1898
Minter David 1980-81 Daniels Rice University professor Texts and Contexts: The Great Migration and King Philip's War
Mintie Katherine 2015-16 Last University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. candidate Legal Lenses: Intellectual Property Laws and American Photography, 1839-1890
Mishler Max 2014-15 Peterson New York University Ph.D. candidate in history Boundaries of Freedom: Abolition, Punishment, and the Atlantic Origins of Mass Incarceration
Mitchell Betty 1985-86 Haven associate professor Antebellum and Civil War Biography
Mizelle Brett 2013-14 Last CSU, Long Beach professor Killing Animals in American History
Mizelle Brett 1998-99 AHPCS University of Minnesota Ph.D. candidate To the Curious: Exhibition Animals, Human Identity, and the Contested Boundary between Man and Beast in Early America


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