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Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Fabian Ann 1994-95 Botein Yale University associate professor Selling Experience: Amateur Authors and Pamphlet Publication inthe Nineteenth-Century US
Fabre Michel 1991-92 Peterson University of Paris III professor The Creoles of Color: Cultural Production as a Basis of Group Identity
Fabre-Moreau GeneviŠve 1991-92 Peterson University of Paris VII professor Afro-American Feasts and Celebrations in the United States
Fabrega Meganne 2014 Jay and Deborah Last Portsmouth, NH non-fiction writer research for book title "Tell Me a Story: Amy Ella Blanchard and Ida Waugh's World of Girls." Book will blend woman's history, art history, LGTB history, biography, and memoir
Fagal Andrew 2013-14 Peterson Binghamton University PhD candidate The Political Economy of War in the Early American Republic
Fagan Benjamin 2008-9 Tracy University of Virginia PhD candidate "'Righteousness Exalteth a Nation': Practices of Black Nationalism, 1827-1860."
Fahs Alice 1995-96 Botein UC Irvine assistant professor Publishing the Civil War: Northern Publishers and the Literary Marketplace of War.
Fahs Alice 1991-92 Hiatt New York University PhD candidate Publishing the Civil War: Northern Publishers and the Literary Marketplace of War
Fanning Sara 2004-5 Tracy University of Texas at Austin Ph.D. candidate "The Promised Land: African Americans and Haiti from the Haitian Revolution to 1830"
Fanning Charles 1981-82 Daniels Bridgewater State University associate professor The Irish Voice in America: Nineteenth-Century Fiction
Farber Hannah 2011-12 Peterson University of California, Berkeley PhD candidate The Insurance Industry in the Early Republic
Farrell Molly 2012-13 ASECS Ohio State University assistant professor Counting Bodies: Imagining Population in English America
Farrell Jessica 2016-17 Peterson University of Minnesota Ph.D. candidate (Re)Capturing Empire: A Reconsideration of Liberia’s Precarious Sovereignty and American Empire as Exception in the Nineteenth Century
Faulkner Carol 2014-15 Peterson Syracuse University Associate Professor of History The End of Marriage: Adultery in Nineteenth-Century America
Favretti Rudy 1978-79 Daniels University of Connecticut professor Landscaping Use of Trees in New England
Fess Paul 2016-17 Last City University of New York Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate Resonant Texts: The Politics and Practices of Nineteenth-Century African American Music and Print Culture
Fidler Ann 1998-99 Botein Ohio State University assistant professor A Cultural History of the American Law Book, 1700-00
Fielder Brigitte 2011-12 Center for Historic American Visual Culture Cornell University PhD candidate Animal Humanism: Abolitionists and Animals in the American Nineteenth Century
Finley James 2012-13 Packer University of New Hampshire PhD candidate 'Violence done to nature': Free Soil and the Environment in Antebellum Antislavery Writing
First Sara Babcox 2005-06 Legacy Michigan Ph.D. Candidate The Mechanics of Renown: Culture and Celebrity in Nineteenth-Century America
Fischer Kirsten 2016-17 Peterson University of Minnesota associate professor of history Vitalism in America: Elihu Palmer’s Radical Religion in the Early Republic
Fisher Linford 2014-15 AAS-NEH Brown University Assistant Professor of History The Land of the Unfree: Africans, Indians, and the Varieties of Slavery and Servitude in Colonial New England and the Atlantic World
Fisher Lydia 2005-6 NEMLA University of Pennsylvania lecturer Domesticating the Nation: American Literature, Exceptionalism, and the Science of Cultivation
Fisher Linford 2007-8 Peterson Harvard University PhD candidate "The Politics of Conversion: Indian Agency, Religious Change, and Race in Southern New England, 1736-1775"
Fliegelman Jay 1998-99 Mellon Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence Stanford University professor Storied Associations: Books from Important American Libraries, 1650-1860, and the Tales they Tell
Florio Christopher 2014-15 Peterson Princeton University Ph.D. Candidate in History The Poor Always with You: Poverty in an Age of Emancipation, 1833-1877
Flueckiger Carol 2009 Jay and Deborah Last Lubbock, TX painter research for body of paintings about feminism and early American reform practices
Fondersmith John 1978-79 Daniels Municipal Planning Office, Washington DC chief History of American Travel Guidebooks
Foos Paul 1996-97 Peterson Yale University PhD candidate Mexican Wars, 1835-1853: Manifest Destiny and American Society
Forbes Erin 2008-9 Peterson Princeton University PhD candidate "Popular Crime Writing and the Publications of David Walker and Edgar Allan Poe."
Ford Bridget 1998-99 Legacy UC Davis PhD candidate People of Sorrow , Childern of Grace: Race and Religion in the Antebellum West
Ford Margaret 1984-85 Haven Argosy Bookstore, New York City director Ann Franklin, Colonial Newport Printer
Ford Bridget 2002-3 Hench University of California, Davis Ph.D. Crossing Over: Religion, Race, and Nation in Civil War America
Ford Bridget 2002-3 Mellon Post-Dissertation Fellow University of California, Davis PhD candidate American Heartland: The Sentimentalization of Religion and Race Relations in Cincinnati and Louisville, 1810-1870
Formisano Ronald 1991-92 RA University of Florida professor American Populisms
Formisano Ronald 1976-77 AAS-NEH Clark University associate professor Massachusetts Political Culture, 1790-1840
Forrant Robert F. 2001-02 Peterson University of Massachusetts, Lowell Associate Professor Manufacturer to Industrial America: Worcester-area Machine Tool Firms and Skill, 1830-1875
Fox Richard 2000-1 Mellon Postdoctoral University of Southern California professor American Jesus
Frang Joanna 2007-8 Last Brandeis University PhD candidate "Becoming American on the Grand Tour, 1750-1830"
Frank Caroline 2013-14 Center for Historic American Visual Culture Brown University visiting scholar Son of Morning: A Chinese Merchant Visits Early Republican America
Franklin Wayne 1994-95 AAS-NEH Northeastern University Davis distinguished professor A Biography of James Fenimore Cooper
Franzino Jean 2016-17 Last Macalester College visiting assistant professor of English Freak Show Aesthetics
Fraser Gordon 2013-14 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of Connecticut PhD candidate Transamerican Revolutions: Liberal Nationalism and the Nineteenth-Century Politics of Violence
Freeberg Ernest 1995-96 ASECS Colby-Sawyer College assistant professor The Meaning of Blindnessin Early America
Freehling William 1989-90 AAS-NEH Johns Hopkins University professor The Road to Disunion, Vol 2: Secessionists Triumphant, 1854-61
French Kara 2011-12 Peterson University of Michigan-Ann Arbor PhD candidate The Politics of Sexual Restraint: Debates over Chastity in America, 1780-1850
Friedel Robert 1989-90 Peterson University of Maryland associate professor Documenting Changes in Household Materials, 1800-87
Friedman Jean 1985-86 Peterson University of Georgia associate professor Families at War: Northern and Southern Communities in the Civil War
Frost Linda 1993-94 RA Pennsylvania State University, Wilkes-Barre assistant professor The Thrillers of Louisa May Alcott and the Popular Press
Fuhrer Mary 2013-14 Center for Historic American Visual Culture independent scholar Tuberculosis and Popular Culture in New England: 1800-1840
Fuhrer Mary 2014-15 Last independent scholar Tuberculosis and Popular Culture in New England, 1820-1840

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