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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Baaki Brian 2020-21 Botein University of Memphis postdoctoral fellow in English Collecting Black Voices
Bachman Ryan 2022-23 Last University of Delaware PhD candidate in history 'Done in Canton': Chinese Export Waxworks in American Museums
Backer Samuel 2020-21 AHPCS Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. candidate in history 'The Parlor and the Public': American Culture, 1870-1920
Backscheider Paula 1987-88 Peterson University of Rochester associate professor A Biography of Daniel Defoe
Badley Dana 2018-19 Botein University of California, Santa Barbara Ph.D. candidate in English Aesthetic Sociality and Nineteenth-Century America
Bahar Matthew 2010-11 Legacy University of Oklahoma Ph.D. candidate People of the Dawnland and their Atlantic World
Bailey Candace 2019-20 Keller North Carolina Central University professor of music Nontraditional Patterns of Gendered Music Circulation
Bak Meredith 2010-11 Last University of California, Santa Barbara Ph.D. candidate Perception and Playthings: Optical Toys as Instruments of Science and Culture
Baker Anne 1999-00 Botein Reed College visiting assistant professor Geography Schoolbooks and Nation Formation in the Antebellum United States
Baker Anne 2001-2 Peterson Reed College visiting assistant professor of English Geography, National Form, and the American Renniassance
Baker Jennifer 1996-97 Peterson University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate Currency of Words: Finance and Literary Imagination in Early America
Balachandran Orihuela Sharada 2015-16 NEMLA University of Maryland, College Park assistant professor Counterfeit Colony: Bootleg Currency and the Revolutionary Market
Baldwin Peter 2004-5 Tracy University of Connecticut assistant professor "American Night: Transforming the Nocturnal City, 1800-1930"
Balik Shelby 2003-4 Peterson University of Wisconsin - Madison Ph.D. candidate The Religious Frontier
Ballard Arielle 2017 Hearst Brockton, MA poet Research on interactions between black and indigenous people for a full-length book of poetry
Banks Kenneth 2005-6 AAS-NEH University of North Carolina, Asheville visiting assistant professor Slow Poison: French Contraband in the Early Modern Atlantic Economy, 1660-1800
Barbeau Lauren 2014-15 Last Washington University in St Louis Ph.D. candidate in English 'Worth of a Happier Domestic Fate': Domesticity as the Property of White Women
Barber W. 1995 K-12 Kingsley Elementary School, Evanston, Illinois teacher The Ethnic 'Other' in Children's Literature
Barrett Faith 2006-7 Botein Lawrence University assistant professor 'To fight aloud is very brave': American Poetry and the Civil War
Barrett Faith 2013-14 Botein Lawrence University associate professor Poems and Parodies: Voice-Effects and the Profession of Poetry in Nineteenth-Century America
Barrett Ross 2005-6 Drawn to Art Boston University Ph.D. Candidate Rendering Violence: Riots, Strikes, and Class Conflict in 19th-Century American Art and Visual Culture
Barreyre Nicolas 2011-12 Tracy University Paris Ouest Nanterre assistant professor Of Gold and Freedman: A Sectional History of Reconstruction, 1865-1877
Bartlett Joshua 2018-19 Last State University of New York, Albany Ph.D. candidate in English The Many Lives of the Charter Oak
Basch Francoise 1983-84 Haven University of Paris professor Critics of the Family in Mid-19th Century America
Basch Francoise 1984-85 RA University of Paris professor Critics of the Family in Mid-19th Century America.
Basch Norma 1990-91 AAS-NEH Rutgers University associate professor Framing American Divorce: Rules, Realities, and Mythologies, 1770-1870
Bascom Benjamin 2014-15 Peterson University of IL, Urbana-Champaign Ph.D. candidate in English State Affects and Republican Properties: Feeling Wrongly in the Early United States
Bascom Benjamin 2018-19 AAS-NEH Ball State University assistant professor of English Feeling Singular: Masculinity and Desire in the Early Republic, 1786-1822
Baseler Marilyn 1999-00 AAS-NEH University of Texas at Austin assistant professor Strangers within our gates': America's Immigrants, 1776-1820
Basker James 1989-90 NEMLA Barnard College associate professor Samuel Johnson and His American Readers
Bassett Lynne 2004-5 Peterson independent scholar "American Whole-Cloth Quilts: A Study of Regional Innovation, Refinement, and Domestic Production"
Baumgartner Kabria 2015-16 Peterson College of Wooster assistant professor The Work of Time and Love: African American Women and Educational Activism in Early America
Baumgartner Kabria 2022-23 AAS-NEH Northeastern University associate professor of history & Africana studies Revolutionizing the City: Black Youth and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Boston
Beales Kristen 2017-18 Peterson The College of William and Mary Ph.D. candidate Religion and Commerce in Eighteenth-Century America
Beales Ross 1977-78 AAS-NEH College of the Holy Cross assistant professor Concepts of Childhood and Youth of NewEngland
Beard James 1978-79 NEH Clark University professor James Fenimore Cooper: A Critical Biography
Beard James 1987-88 RA Clark University professor James Fenimore Cooper: A Critical Biography.
Beetham Sarah 2012-13 Last University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate Sculpting the Citizen Soldier: Reproduction and National Memory, 1865-1917
Begiebing Robert 1996 Wallace Manchester, NH writer The Adventures of Allegra Fullerton Or, A Memoir of Startling and Amusing Episodes from Itinerant Life
Bell Richard 2003-4 Botein Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Newspapers and the Cultural Significance of Suicide in America, 1760-1830
Bell Richard 2007-2008 Peterson University of Maryland assistant professor The Blackest Market: Patty Cannon, Kidnapping, and the Domestic Slave Trade
Bell Richard 2007-8 AAS-NEH University of Maryland assistant professor Do Not Despair: Suicide, Property, and Power in the Newly United States
Bell Richard 2022-23 Legacy University of Maryland, College Park professor of history The First Freedom Riders:Streetcars and Street Fights in Jim Crow New York
Bellesiles Michael 1984 Haven UC Irvine Ph.D. candidate Life, Liberty, and Land: Ethan Allen and the Frontier Experience in Revolutionary New England
Bellesiles Michael 1992-93 Peterson Emory University assistant professor The Origins of American Gun Culture, 1760-1840
Bellion Wendy 2011-12 Last University of Delaware associate professor The Space of Iconoclasm: New York and American Historical Memory
Belolan Nicole 2015-16 Last University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate Navigating the World: The Material Culture of Physical Mobility Impairment in the Early American North, 1700-1861
Bennett Paula 1996-97 AAS-NEH University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale associate professor Dissenting Angels: The Emergence of Modern Subjectivity in American Women's Poetry, 1850-00
Bennett Zachary 2019-20 Last Rutgers University postdoctoral fellow in history Flowing Power: Rivers and the Remaking of Colonial New England
Bercovitch Sacvan 1986-87 AAS-NEH Harvard University professor The Literary Market in 19th-Century America
Bergamasco-Lenarda Lucia 1981-82 Daniels Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris Ph.D. candidate Women and Children in Colonial New England
Bergen Katherine 2019-20 Peterson Trinity College professor of English Ordinary Transatlanticism: Anonymous Parodies of Romantic Poetry from the Caribbean and U.S.
Berger Molly 1993-94 Peterson Case Western Reserve University Ph.D. candidate Hotel Dreams: Luxury, Technology, and Urban Ambition in America, 1829–1929
Beringer Alex 2018-19 Last University of Montevallo assistant professor of English Lost Literacies: Experiments in the Nineteenth-Century American Comic Strip
Berkin Carol 1976-77 Daniels Baruch CUNY associate professor Research on Loyalists in the American Revolution
Berman Cassandra 2015-16 Peterson Brandeis University Ph.D. candidate Motherhood, the Law, and the Court of Public Opinion: Contesting Maternity in Nineteenth-Century America
Bernier Julia 2014-15 Legacy University of MA, Amherst PhD candidate in American studies A Papered Freedom
Bernstein Robin 2008-9 Last Harvard University assistant professor "Racial Innocence: The Uses of Childhood in U.S. Racial Formation 1852-1930."
Berry Stephen 2015-16 Peterson Simmons College associate professor Importing the Exotic: Early American Maritime Encounters with World Religions
Bethel Elizabeth 1985-86 Peterson Lander University associate professor Afro-American Responses to the First Emancipation
Bethel Elizabeth 1986-87 RA Lander University associate professor Afro-American Responses to the First Emancipation.
Bidwell John 1978-79 Daniels A Biographical Directory of American Papermakers, 1690-1830
Bidwell John 1994-95 ASECS Rochester Institute of Technology librarian Printing Supplies in Colonial America
Bidwell John 2020-21 Reese The Morgan Library & Museum Astor Curator and department head, printed books & bindings The Declaration of Independence: Prints, Broadsides, and Facsimiles
Bielawa Lisa 2018 Hearst New York, NY composer, producer, performer Sanctuary & Centuries in the Hours: A series of small works for the violin and voice, focusing on immigration
Bilby Amanda 2007-8 Peterson Johns Hopkins University PhD candidate Letters, Recipes, and Gifts: Exploring Transatlantic Female Alliances within the Pollard and Salisbury Families
Billias George 1984-85 RA Clark University Jacob and Frances Hiatt professor The Influence of American Constitutionalism Abroad, 1776-00
Billias Margaret Neussendorfer 1982-83 AAS-NEH University of Texas, Permian Basin associate professor Bibliography of the Works of Elizabeth Palmer Peabody
Bisceglia Louis 1988-89 RA San Jose State professor The Origins and Pacifism of Abby Kelley
Bissett Annie 2015 Jay and Deborah Last Providence, RI printmaker A series of woodblock prints about the spiritual and religious influences on American identity during the colonial period
Blake David 2015-16 Tracy Stony Brook, NY lecturer Between Campus and Community: Popular Music in American College Student Life, 1850-1872
Blandford AJ 2016-17 Last Rutgers University PhD candidate Labor and the Visualization of Knowledge in American Geological Surveys
Bledstein Burton 1988-89 Peterson University of Illinois, Chicago associate professor A Language Event: The Middle Classes in American History, 1828-19
Bledstein Burton 1997-98 Botein University of Illinois, Chicago associate professor By the Book: Reference and Information as Authority in 19th-Century America
Blight David 1996-97 Peterson Amherst College associate professor Reunion and Race: The Civil War in American Memory, 1870-1915
Block Laurie 1995 Wallace Conway, MA filmmaker Television documentary on the Mexican War
Block Laurie 2007 Hearst Conway, MA filmmaker Documentary about Helen Keller
Blondheim Menahem 1987-88 Boni Harvard University Ph.D. candidate The News Frontier
Blum Hester 2004-5 Reese Penn State University assistant professor "The View from the Mast-Head: Antebellum American Sea Narrative and the Maritime Imagination"
Blumenthal Susanna 2016-17 AAS-NEH University of Minnesota professor of law and associate professor of history Humbug: A Legal History
Boggs Colleen 2015-16 AAS-NEH Dartmouth College professor Civil War Substitutes: How the Military Draft Changed American Literature
Bolker Jamie 2018-19 Peterson Fordham University Ph.D. candidate in English Lost and Found: Wayfinding in Early American Literature and Culture
Bolker Jamie 2021-22 AAS-NEH Newberry Library independent scholar Lost and Found: Wayfinding in Early America
Bollettino Maria 2005-6 Peterson University of Texas, Austin Ph.D. candidate Slaves and Slavery in the Seven Years' War
Bollettino Maria 2013-14 AAS-NEH Framingham State University assistant professor Slavery, War, and Britain's Atlantic Empire: Black Soldiers, Sailors, and Rebels in the Seven Years' War
Bonica Joseph 2009-10 Peterson Middle Tennessee State University visiting assistant professor Open Secrets: The Cultural Politics of Secrecy and the Formation of the Early American Republic
Bonneau Nicholas 2015-16 Peterson University of Notre Dame Ph.D. candidate Unspeakable Loss: North America's Invisible Throat Distemper Epidemic of 1735-1765
Bonner Robert 1998-99 Tracy University of Southern Maine assistant professor Newspapers and the Confederate Sphere
Bonner Robert 2006-7 AAS-NEH Dartmouth College visiting assistant professor Crossings to Freedom: Fugitive Slaves and the Completion of American Liberty
Boonshoft Mark 2016-17 Alstott-Morgan New York Public Library post-doctoral research fellow Monarchical Education and the Making of the American Republic, 1730-1812
Boos Lance 2018-19 Last Stony Brook University Ph.D. candidate in history The Development of a British Atlantic Musical Marketplace in the Eighteenth Century
Booth Jonathon 2016-17 Peterson Harvard University PhD candidate Criminal Law and Post-Emancipation Society in the Atlantic World
Bornstein Sandra 1996 K-12 Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, New York, NY teacher The American Reaction to Darwin's Theory of Evolution
Bouldin Elizabeth 2022-23 ASECS Florida Gulf Coast University associate professor of history Teachers of the Light: Quaker Women Educators in the Age of Reason
Boutelle RJ 2014-15 Peterson Vanderbilt University Ph.D. candidate in English Transamerican Visions of Freedom and the Circuits of U.S. Abolitionism
Bowden Ann 1992-93 Peterson University of Texas, Austin Ransom scholar A Descriptive and Historical Bibliography of Sir Walter Scott, 1792-1836
Bowen Nancy 2012 Jay and Deborah Last Brooklyn, NY mixed media artist Series of collages titled "Angels and Almanacs"
Bramen Carrie 2009-10 NEMLA SUNY Buffalo associate professor American Niceness: The Making of a National Type in Nineteenth-Century Culture
Branson Susan 2011-12 Peterson Syracuse University associate professor Animal Magnetism: Science and Pseudo-science in American Society, 1800-1860
Braude Ann 1985-86 Hiatt Yale University PhD candidate Women in American Spiritualism
Braun Juliane 2008-9 Ebeling Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz Ph.D. candidate Petit Paris en Amérique? – French Theatrical Culture in Nineteenth-Century Louisiana
Braun Juliane 2022-23 AAS-NEH Auburn University assistant professor of English Translating the Pacific: Nature Writing, Print Culture, and the Making of Transoceanic Empire
Brekke-Aloise Linzy 2003-4 AHPCS Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Fashioning a Republic: Consumption, Clothing, and American Culture, 1776-1836
Brekus Catherine 1991-92 Hiatt Yale University Ph.D. candidate Female Preaching and Evangelical Religion in America, 1740-1840
Brevoort Deborah 2012 Baron North Bergen, NJ playwright Research for a historical play about George and Martha Washington and the role of fashion in shaping American identity
Brewer Priscilla 1984-85 Hiatt Brown University Ph.D. candidate Technology and Domestic Ideology in the Nineteenth-Century
Bright Anders 2022-23 Last University of Pennsylvania PhD candidate in history Luck’s Metropolis; Lotteries, Finance, and Class in New York, 1780-1830
Brill Amy 2005 Baron Brooklyn, NY writer Movement of the Stars: A fictional account of a female astronomer in the early 1800s Nantucket
Brock Geoffrey 2001 Hearst Fayetteville, Arkansas poet Voices Bright Flags: Poems based on American historical events
Brodie Janet 1988-89 Peterson California State Polytechnic University lecturer Women and Freethought in the US , 1820-60
Brooke John 1982-83 Haven Amherst College visiting assistant professor Worcester County Politics, 1789-1840
Brooks Lisa 2001-2 Peterson Cornell University Ph.D. Candidate Recovering the Voices of Our Ancestors
Brooks Lisa 2022-23 Mellon Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence Amherst College Henry S. Poler '59 Presidential Teaching Professor of English and American Studies
Broomall James 2022-23 AHPCS Shepherd University assistant professor of history Battle Pieces: The Art and Artifacts of the American Civil War Era
Brown Candy 1998-99 Peterson Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Salt to the World: A Cultural History of Evangelical Reading, Writing, and Publishing Practices in Mid-Nineteenth-Century America
Brown Dona 1986-87 Hiatt Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute visiting instructor Tourism in New England
Brown Joshua 2011-12 Drawn to Art The Graduate Center, City University of New York executive director Studies in the Visual Culture of the American Civil War
Brown Kathleen 1997-98 Mellon Postdoctoral University of Pennsylvania assistant professor Foul Bodies and Infected Worlds: Cleanliness and Cultural Authority in Early Modern England and America, 1500-1900
Brown Lois 2000-1 NEMLA Mount Holyoke College assistant professor 'Made to Sell, Made to Save': The Black Child in American Anti-Slavery Literature
Brown Richard 1977-78 AAS-NEH University of Connecticut professor Communications Networks in Pre-Industrial America
Brown Richard 1992-93 AAS-NEH University of Connecticut professor The Idea of an Informed Citizenry in Early America,1650-1865
Brown Thomas 1990-91 Peterson University of Detroit Mercy assistant professor The Routinization of Charisma in the Early Democratic Part
Brown Thomas 2003-4 Peterson University of South Carolina associate professor The Reconstruction of American Memory: Civic Monuments of the Civil War
Brown-Monson Lois 2000 NEMLA Howard University Ford Foundation postdoctoral fellow Made to Sell, Made to Save: The Black Child in American Anti-Slavery Literature
Browne Katrina 2000 Hearst Berkeley, CA filmmaker Traces of the Trade: Research on the history and legacy of the slave trade in New England
Broyles Michael 1989-90 RA University of Maryland, Baltimore professor From Psalmody to Symphony: How American Musical Attitudes Developed in Antebellum Boston
Brückner Martin 1998-99 ASECS University of Delaware assistant professor The Culture of Geographic Letters in Early America
Bryer Rebekah 2020-21 Last Northwestern University Ph.D. candidate in theater National Acts: Performance, Commemoration, and the Construction of National Identity in the Aftermath of the Civil War
Brylowe Thora 2017-18 Botein University of Colorado, Boulder assistant professor Impressions and Folds: The Ecology of Romantic-Era Paper
Buchkoski Courtney 2018-19 Legacy University of Oklahoma Ph.D. candidate in English Benevolent Colonization: Emigration Aid and the American West, 1820-1880
Bullock Steven 1992-93 RA Worcester Polytechnic Institute associate professor American Freemasonry
Burd Camden 2018-19 Peterson University of Rochester Ph.D. candidate in history The Ornament of Empire: Nurserymen and the Making of the American Landscape
Burke Martin 1994-95 Peterson University College, Galway, Ireland lecturer Signs of the Cross: Protestants, Catholics, and the Construction of Religious Identities in America, 1700-1800
Burnham Michelle 2011-12 ASECS Santa Clara University professor The Calculus of Risk: Temporality in the Revolutionary Atlantic and Pacific
Burns Martha 1993-94 Peterson Brown University Ph.D. candidate A Piano in the Parlor: Music and Gentility in America 1790-1860
Burstein Andrew 1997-98 Peterson University of Northern Iowa assistant professor Sentimental Democracy: The Evolution of America’s Romantic Self-Image
Bush Jr. Sargent 2002-3 Peterson University of Wisconsin, Madison professor The Type of the Good Hearer in Puritan Theory and Practice
Bushman Claudia 1991-92 Peterson independent scholar America Discovers Columbus
Bushman Claudia 2014-15 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence Columbia University professor of American studies emerita Boston in 1870
Bushman Richard 2014-15 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence Columbia University Gouverneur Morris Professor of History emeritus Farmers in the Production of the Nation
Butler Leslie 1998-99 Peterson Reed College visiting assistant professor James Russell Lowell and the Cultural Politics of Antebellum American Nationalism
Butterfield Kevin 2017-18 Peterson University of Oklahoma associate professor The Great Excitement
Bynum Tara 2016-17 AAS-NEH Rutgers University postdoctoral fellow in English Reading Pleasures

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