Ethnic America Before the Flood: The Irish and Others

American Studies Seminar
Charles Fanning

The following American Studies Seminar research papers were written by students in the 1983 seminar, "Ethnic America Before the Flood: The Irish and Others," under the supervision of Professor Charles Fanning.

  • "The American Fenian Brotherhood and the Irish-American Press, 1855-1866," by Kevin Rosseel
  • "Anti-Catholicism and the Protestant Press: The Burning of the Charlestown Convent, August 22, 1834," by Michael J. Wall
  • "Les Canadiens-Français Affluent à Southbridge," by Kerry Varin
  • "The Fenian Invasion of 1866 and the Reaction of Five Prominent Newspapers in the United States," by Mark D. Flaherty
  • "The Rise and Fall of Worcester Nativism to the Irish Catholics, 1847-1856," by Cynthia A. Walden
  • "The Truly Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk: The Marketing of Bigotry in the 1830s," by Michael Downing
  • "The Yellow Peril," by Tina Landroche.

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