Early American Newspapers, 1801-1900

Early American Newspapers, 1801-1900

Wide ranging coverage of the United States during the 19th Century from all 50 states. Includes thousands of titles. Chronicles the evolution of American culture and daily life from 1801-1900. This collection is a part of America's Historical Newspapers.

TItle List

Series 1: From Colonies to Nation
Series 2: The New Republic
Series 3: From Farm to City
Series 4: The Rise of Industry
Series 5: An Emerging World Power
Series 6: Compromise and Disunion
Series 7: Reform and Retrenchment
Series 8: A Nation in Transition
Series 9: Protest and Prosperity
Series 10: Regional Pioneers
Series 11: From Agrarian Republic to World Power
Series 12: The Specialized Press
Series 13: The American West
Series 14: The Expansion of Urban America
Series 15: Immigrant Communities
Series 16: Industry and the Environment
Series 17: American Heartland

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