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Daniels Fellows

Fred Harris Daniels Fellowships were awarded from 1974 to 1982.

Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Albanese Catherine 1977-78 Daniels Wright State professor Davy Crockett Almanacs
Arner Robert 1975-76 Daniels Comic Literature in Colonial America
Bergamasco-Lenarda Lucia 1981-82 Daniels Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris PhD candidate Women and Children in Colonial New England
Berkin Carol 1976-77 Daniels Baruch CUNY associate professor Research on Loyalists in the American Revolution
Bidwell John 1978-79 Daniels A Biographical Directory of American Papermakers, 1690-1830
Cave Roderick 1976-77 Daniels University of the West Indies professor A History of Printing in the West Indies
Clark Charles 1980-81 Daniels University of New Hampshire professor emeritus : A Comparative Study of English and American Journalism,1665-1765
Coclanis Peter 1977-78 Daniels Columbia University PhD candidate Economy and Society in Colonial Charleston
Cohen Lester 1981-82 Daniels Purdue University associate professor The Origins of American Liberalism, 1780-1820
Cohen Patricia 1977-78 Daniels UC Santa Barbara assistant professor Americans and Numbers
Cressy David 1980-81 Daniels Claremont Graduate School visiting associate professor Literacy and Its Uses in Early America
Davis Thomas 1980-81 Daniels Kent State University professor An Edition of Edward Taylor's Harmony of the Gospels
Davison Nancy 1977-78 Daniels University of Michigan PhD candidate EW Clay, American Political Caricaturist of the Jacksonian Era
Echols Paul 1978-79 Daniels New York University PhD candidate The Development of Revival Music in the US : 1820-1860
Fanning Charles 1981-82 Daniels Bridgewater State University associate professor The Irish Voice in America: Nineteenth-Century Fiction
Favretti Rudy 1978-79 Daniels University of Connecticut professor Landscaping Use of Trees in New England
Fondersmith John 1978-79 Daniels Municipal Planning Office, Washington DC chief History of American Travel Guidebooks
Ginsberg Elaine 1976-77 Daniels West Virginia University associate professor Nineteenth-Century Novels of Female Adolescence
Hall Michael 1975-76 Daniels University of Texas professor The Diaries of Increase Mather
Hamilton William 1979-80 Daniels Yale University PhD candidate Preachers and Professionalism
Harley John 1976-77 Daniels Exeter College reader Maps in Eighteenth-Century North American Libraries
Hatch Nathan 1977-78 Daniels University of Notre Dame assistant professor From Revolution to Reaction
Henderson H 1976-77 Daniels Oklahoma State University professor Political Culture in Virginia and Massachusetts, 1775-1800
House Kay 1977-78 Daniels San Francisco State University professor Editing Cooper's The Pilot
Jones Jacqueline 1974-75 Daniels University of Wisconsin, PhD candidate Northern Teachers in the Post-Civil War South
Lampi Philip 1974-75 Daniels independent researcher Vote Tabulation in American Presidential, Congressional, Gubernatorial, and State Legislative Elections, 1788-1824
Langford Paul 1974-75 Daniels Lincoln College, Oxford fellow British Attitudes towards the American Colonies during theAmerican Revolution
Marti Donald 1974-75 Daniels University of Indiana, South Bend associate professor Movements for Agricultural Improvements in 19th-Century New England and New York
Mayer Henri Andre Van Huysen 1975-76 Daniels California at Berkeley Ph.D. Candidate American Views of Science, 1775-1810
McCusker John 1980-81 Daniels University of Maryland associate professor The Rum Trade
McElroy James 1975-76 Daniels SUNY Plattsburgh assistant professor The Papers of John B Hough
McLean Stuart 1981-82 Daniels University of Chicago PhD candidate California Gold Fever
Minter David 1980-81 Daniels Rice University professor Texts and Contexts: The Great Migration and King Philip's War
Murray Robinson 1979-80 Daniels Essex Institute associate librarian Bibliography of New Hampshire Imprints
Nissenbaum Stephen 1978-79 Daniels University of Massachusetts, Amherst professor Literature and Society in Jacksonian America: Writers Confront the Marketplace,
Pankake Marcia 1974-75 Daniels University of Minnesota PhD candidate American Travel Accounts, 1610-1812
Pope Robert 1975-76 Daniels SUNY Buffalo associate professor Persecution of the Quakers in Seventeenth-Century New England
Porter Ellen Jane 1977-78 Daniels Union Graduate School PhD candidate Campmeeting Spirituals
Prude Jonathan 1977, 1980 Daniels The Meaning of Food in Early American History
Prude Jonathan 1977, 1980 Daniels The Coming of Industrial Order: A Study of Town and Factory Life in Rural Massachusetts, 1813-1860
Quinlivan Mary 1978-79 Daniels Universit of Texas, Permian Basin associate professor The Social Significance of the Children's Literature of Jacob Abbot
Ramsbottom Mary 1979-80 Daniels Yale University PhD candidate Religious Experience, 17th-Century New England
Reaves Wendy 1976-77 Daniels National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institute curator of prints 18th-Century American Portrait Engravings
Richter Daniel 1981-82 Daniels Columbia University PhD candidate Societies on the Eighteenth Century New York Frontier
Rosenwald Lawrence 1976-77 Daniels Columbia University PhD candidate Analysis of colonial New England Diaries
Roth Randolph 1981-82 Daniels Grinnell College instructor Religion and Reform in Antebellum Vermont
Scott Donald 1979-80 Daniels North Carolina State University associate professor The Public Lecture in Mid-th Century America
Shore Laurence 1981-82 Daniels Johns Hopkins University PhD candidate The Degradation and Dignity of Labor: Political Economy and the Southern Ruling Elite, 1850-76
Sklar Kathryn 1976-77 Daniels UCLA associate professor Female Education in New England, 1780-1820
Steel David 1979-80 Daniels University of Michigan PhD candidate Stephen Jenks, American Musician and Publisher
Stout Harry 1980-81 Daniels University of Connecticut associate professor A Cultural History of the Sermon in Colonial New England
Tatham David 1974-75 Daniels Syracuse University associate professor The Life and Works of David Claypool Johnston
Wetherell Charles 1978-79 Daniels University of New Hampshire PhD candidate A Social History of the Early American Press
Winans Robert 1979-80 Daniels Wayne State University assistant professor A Descriptive Checklist of Book Catalouges Separately Printed in American, 1639-1800, Part 2
Winkler Louis 1978-79 Daniels Pennsylvania State University astronomer Popular Astronomical and Astrological Thought in New England before 1800
Wright Robert 1974-75 Daniels Michigan State University professor Music and Broadside Ballad Collections for Ballads and Songs of the Western Migration, vol 3

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