Community Life in Preindustrial Worcester

American Studies Seminar
Kenneth Moynihan
Charles Estus

The following American Studies Seminar research papers were written by students in the 1980 seminar, "Community Life in Preindustrial Worcester," under the supervision of Professor Kenneth Moynihan and Charles Estus.

  • "The American Antiquarian Society: a history of its founder, Isaiah Thomas, and a social history of its incorporators," by Faith E. Cuenin
  • "The formation of the Calvinist Church in Worcester: a study of the calling and social class," by Maxine Grad
  • "A new world view / by Lauren Abramson -- The Old South Church of Worcester, 1785-1820," by Robbin Anne Messersmith
  • "Political leadership in Worcester and the Second Parish Separation," by Michael A.O. de Freitas
  • "Political party organization in Worcester, 1800-1809," by Mike Quarry
  • "Worcester land use development "The Center" 1713-1835," by Janice Pothier
  • "Worcester's school system, 1780-1820," by Donna Lynn Bagdonovich

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