Childhoods Actual and Imagined: New England, 1790-1860

American Studies Seminar
Jack Larkin

The following American Studies Seminar research papers were written by students in the 2005 seminar, "Childhoods Actual and Imagined: New England, 1790-1860," under the supervision of Jack Larkin.

  • "Child Idiocy in America: 1800-1880," by Elizabeth Allan
  • "Growing-Up Poor in Antebellum New England," by John Blow
  • "Patriarchy: A View of the Father's Role in Child Development and Family," by Elizabeth Coté
  • "Making the 'Real American': The Creation of Republican Values in Early American Antiquarian Society," by James Leonard Dolan
  • "Samuel Foster Haven, Jr. and The Minute Gun: Tying the History of Amateur Journalism to Worcester, Mass," by Eric P. L'Esperance
  • "Changes in Cultural Expressions of Grief: A Study of Parental Reaction to Child Death as Revealed Through Poetry in Massachusetts, 1805-1877," by Lauren Gearty
  • "'As runs the glass, our life doth pass': Death, Salvation, and Children's Literature, 1800-1835," by Angela M. Markiewicz
  • "Discipline in Early New England Life: A Focus on Religious and Social Transformation Through the Use of Early Writings," by Elizabeth Perry
  • "Children of Wealth: Exploring the Diary of Louisa Jane Trumbull, Worcester, 1829-1834," by Katherine Roche
  • "Images as History: A Study of 19th Century Lithographs Depicting Mother and Child," by Tina-Marie Rosenberger.

Image Gallery

Family of three and sofa
Portrait of the Bursley Family (Washburn, Deborah and David) Barnstable, Massachusetts. c. 1840-1850.
Oil on canvas, Old Sturbridge Village.

Portrait of Unidentified Family
Portrait of Unidentified Family, New England, c. 1840.
Oil on canvas, Old Sturbridge Village.

Family Scene Parlor
Thomas Teller, The Pleasant Journey: And Scenes in Town and Country (New Haven: S. Babcock, 1845) p. 15.

Family Scene Eating
Thomas Teller, The Pleasant Journey and Scenes in Town and Country (New Haven: S. Babcock, 1845) p. 37.

Family Scene Chamber
Good Advice for Boys & Girls (Worcester: S.A. Howland n.d.) p.12.

Hated Task
"The Hated Task" Charlotte Elizabeth, Short Stories for Children (American Tract Society, n.p. n.d.) p. 102.

Mourning Picture John F. Livermore
Selene Livermore, Mourning Picture for John Flint Livermore, 1829 or 1830. Watercolor on paper, Old Sturbridge Village.

Horrid Young Monster DC Johnston 1845
"A Horrid Young Monster," cartoon, David Claypoole Johnston, Scraps, (Boston, 1849)

Mary Angela Negus Spooner and Children c 1835
Portrait of Mrs. Mary Angela Negus Spooner (1811-1886) and Children (George H. Spooner (1833-1876) and Caroline Negus Spooner (1835-1856). Painted by her sister, Caroline Negus Hildreth (1814-1867). C. 1835-1837.
Watercolor and colored pencil or crayon on academy board, Old Sturbridge Village.

Mother with Child watercolor.JPG
Painting of Unidentified Woman and Child, c.1815-1825.
Watercolor, Old Sturbridge Village.

Port of Emily F.JPG
Portrait of Emily Frances Stone (b. 1827) Probable Date June 24, 1836. Attributed to Lorenzo White.
Oil on canvas, Old Sturbridge Village.

Life and Age of Man.JPG
"Life and Age of Man," Broadside, (Northampton, Massachusetts, c 1840)
Old Sturbridge Village.

Life and Age of Man.JPG
"Life and Age of Woman," Hand-colored print, (Barre, Massachusetts, c 1840)
Old Sturbridge Village.

Joseph H. Davis, Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Tuttle and Family. Inscribed in ink below image, "Enoch Tuttle, Jr. Aged 32. Sept. 6th 1836. James Tuttle Aged 3 years December 13th. Durius W. Tuttle Aged 1 year July 18th. Hannah Tuttle. Aged 25. August 2nd. 1836. Painted at Bow Pond Strafford. August 6, 1836."
Pencil, ink and watercolor on paper, Old Sturbridge Village

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