Center for Historic American Visual Culture (CHAViC)

Summer Seminars and Workshops

The Center for Historical American Visual Culture (CHAViC) engages teachers on all levels to make images more accessible to them and their students.

We are accomplishing this with a series of workshops, seminars and one-day conferences at AAS and elsewhere.

Also visit our Resources page for databases, catalogs, lessons plans, portals, digital collections and other relevant links.

Due to the construction project at AAS, the CHAViC summer seminar will be not be held in 2018.

Please check back later this year for information on the 2019 summer seminar to be held in our new, expanded space.

2017: Summer Seminar
"In Black and White: Race and American Visual Culture"


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2016: Summer Seminar
"Seeing Nature: The Environment in American Visual Culture to 1900"


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2015: Summer Seminar
"Culinary Culture: The Politics of American Foodways, 1765-1900"


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2014: Summer Seminar
"The Art of Science and Technology, 1750-1900"


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2013: Summer Seminar
"Domestic Impressions: The Visual and Material Culture of the American Family Home, 1750-1890"


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2012: Summer Seminar
"Seeing the American Civil War: How Visual Culture Recorded, Interpreted, and Remembered the Conflict"
2011: Summer Seminar
"Picturing Reform: How Images Transformed America, 1830-1880"


2010: Summer Seminar
"Interpreting Historical Images for Teaching & Research"



2009: Summer Seminar
"Interpreting Historical Images for Teaching & Research"



2008: K-12 Educator Workshop
"A Thousand Words: Images & Literacy in U.S. History"




2006: 1-day Conference for K-12 Educators
"Visualizing the Past"



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