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The American Antiquarian Society General Catalog contains records for the Society's collections of books, pamphlets, manuscripts, newspapers, lithographs, and broadsides. For information on the cataloging status of each collection, consult the individual collection descriptions.

Keyword Perform simple or complex keyword searches which can be limited to specific indexes, combined or filtered.
Exact Search for phrases which begin author names, titles, subjects, genres/physical formats, years of publication, printer/publisher/bookseller names, illustrator/engraver names, provenance names, or call numbers.
Subject This search returns a browseable list of terms used to describe the subject of an item.
Name This search returns a browseable listing of the names of people and groups who had a part in creating the work, such as authors, printers or illustrators.

There is also a streamlined mobile interface for the General Catalog, optimized for use with smartphones and similar devices.

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