Explore the American Antiquarian Society's collection of Caribbean materials through interactive mapping exhibitions.

Map of early Caribbean newspapers

A Caribbean newspaper map of titles held at AAS traces the development of printing in the Caribbean by visualizing the increasingly widespread nature of the printing presses in the Caribbean. All newspapers and almanacs shown are listed in the AAS catalog.  

Maps of Items in Subject Samplers: 

Map of Early Publications

Map of Reflections on Early Contact

Map of Oddities

Map of Recent Acquisitions

Maps of Events in Specific Texts: 

Map of travels in Alexander, Transatlantic Sketches

(Link to Item) Starting in London and ending in Liverpool, Alexander's voyage took him from British Guiana in the south to Quebec in the North, connecting the Caribbean and North American worlds.

Map of travels in Thome, Emancipation in the West Indies

(Link to Item) A journalistic voyage undertaken by a reporter based in New York City, this map visualizes the focus with which the author pursued his subject - limiting his visit to three islands, with enough time on each island to deepen his understanding of the phenomena taking place.

Map of travels in Mayer, Captain Canot

(Link to Item) Beginning with Canot’s arrival in Havana (he was born in Italy) and ending with his appearance in Baltimore, as part of his work as a slave trader, this narrative visualize bouncing between Liberia and Cuba, his business interests in America and Brazil, and his brief imprisonment in France.

Map of journeys of Captain Canot, a slave trader