Bird, The Victorious: A Small Poem


Bird, The Victorious: A Small Poem


This poem is a perfect example of why, in the study of North America or the Caribbean, printing from the other region are seemingly always relevant. This poem was composed by a missionary to Haiti upon the death of President Lincoln, and printed in Kingston, Jamaica. The significance of Lincoln's life and death reached beyond U.S. borders, and people across the Caribbean islands felt a strong enough connection to him to purchase and read commemorative poetry. This poem expresses the author's clear sense of anguish, fear, and above all, chaos in the world at the death of Lincoln.

Title as Issued

The Victorious: A Small Poem on the Assassination of President Lincoln


M.B. Bird


Kingston, Jamaica, 1866



“Bird, The Victorious: A Small Poem,” The Caribbeana Project at AAS, accessed February 9, 2023,

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