Jamaica, Acts of Assembly... from 1770 to 1783


Jamaica, Acts of Assembly... from 1770 to 1783


Part of a large set of the compiled laws of Jamaica, this particular volume stands out for being an eighteenth-century volume printed in Jamaica, whereas most legal volumes of the time were printed in London. This bound volume of laws comprises a table of the public and private acts in force in 1883, and the reprinting of all those laws in toto. AASs collections of Jamaican laws extend well beyond the thirteen-year period of this volume.

Title as Issued

Acts of Assembly, Passed in the Island of Jamaica; from 1770, to 1783, Inclusive




Kingston, 1786



“Jamaica, Acts of Assembly... from 1770 to 1783,” The Caribbeana Project at AAS, accessed February 6, 2023, https://www.americanantiquarian.org/caribbeana/items/show/64.

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