Thome, Emancipation in the West Indies


Thome, Emancipation in the West Indies


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Published by the newspaper of the American Anti-Slavery Society, this document relates a six-month journey intended to explore how the islands of Antigua, Barbados, and Jamaica - and their enslaved populations - had been impacted by the abolition of slavery. Sourced from the United States but full of important information about immediately post-emancipation islands, an intersection in the stories of the American and Caribbean emancipation movements.

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Emancipation in the West Indies. A six months' tour in Antigua, Barbadoes, and Jamaica, in the year 1837


James A. Thome


New York, 1838


“Thome, Emancipation in the West Indies,” The Caribbeana Project at AAS, accessed February 8, 2023,

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