Fabens, In the Tropics by a Settler


Fabens, In the Tropics by a Settler


The introduction to this part-travelogue, part-planter's guide begins with these words: "We cannot advise any mere man or woman of fashion, young or old, to take up this volume." The story of a young man who leaves the city for to move to Santo Domingo and become a farmer, this personal narrative takes on elements of memoir and fiction, as well as displaying troubling racial prejudices.

Title as Issued

In the Tropics, by a Settler


Joseph Warren Fabens


New York, 1863



“Fabens, In the Tropics by a Settler,” The Caribbeana Project at AAS, accessed February 6, 2023, https://www.americanantiquarian.org/caribbeana/items/show/127.

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