Ballou, Equatorial America


Ballou, Equatorial America


The American author embarks on a journey to visit three Caribbean islands, all in the Antilles, as well as "the principal capitals of South America." The Caribbean portion of the narrative really only takes up the first few chapters, but the author's depictions of the Antilles and of seafaring practices generally are descriptive of that world, while his circumnavigatory route is reminiscent of a generation of explorers whose travels united the "New World" in the eyes of Europeans.

Title as Issued

Equatorial America: Descriptive of a Visit to St. Thomas, Martinique, Barbadoes, and the Principal Capitals of South America 


Maturin M. Ballou


Boston, 1892


“Ballou, Equatorial America,” The Caribbeana Project at AAS, accessed February 6, 2023,

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