About the American Antiquarian Society

Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, the American Antiquarian Society (AAS) is a national research library of American history and culture. The AAS archive today houses the largest and most accessible collection of books, pamphlets, broadsides, newspapers, periodicals, music, and graphic arts material printed through 1876 in what is now the United States, as well as manuscripts and a substantial collection of secondary texts, bibliographies, and digital resources and reference works related to all aspects of American history and culture before the twentieth century.

The library collections are open and accessible to all interested readers, and offers a limited number of fellowships to support doctoral, post-doctoral, or creative research.

About the Caribbeana Project

The Caribbeana Project is an effort by the American Antiquarian Society to present the Society’s Caribbeana holdings as an integral and interrelated part of its collections, to examine the important connections between early British North America or the United States and the Caribbean region, and to highlight a curated selection of items from the AAS catalog. Rather than serve as a comprehensive but separate listing, the Caribbeana Project seeks to engage with selected items as a method of stimulating interest in Caribbean history as a complementary and necessary aspect of American history and culture, and of situating the American Antiquarian Society as an important and accessible archive in the study of the early Caribbean world.

About the resources on this website

This website is the online hub of the Caribbeana Project at the American Antiquarian Society, and features over one hundred items from AAS's onsite collections. The resources described here are intended to demonstrate the various ways in which the items listed in the AAS Catalog, which is substantially more comprehensive than the listings on this website, can be connected and related to each other, to explore interregional and intraregional connections, and to foster curiosity in exploring the depth of AAS's onsite collections.

Subject "samplers" provide a taste of what kinds of content AAS has in its collections on a wide variety of themed, from Agriculture and the Environment to Travelers and Travelogues.

Tags make it easy to browse the resources on this site by language or by geography or by decade.

Maps plotting the places of publication for an entire subject samplers help to visualize the breadth of AAS's collections. Other maps depict the contents of one particular item featured on this site, following the journeys of some of the most intriguing figures as their narratives move from one region to the other and back again.


This website was written, designed, and created by Luke Henter, while he was a Princeton University undergraduate. His work was part of a 2019 internship through the Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS) program. It was made possible through the continuing support of Sidney Lapidus. The Caribbeana Project was overseen and will continue to be maintained by Elizabeth Watts Pope, curator of books and digitized collections at the American Antiquarian Society.