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Narrative of Events in the Life of William Green, (Formerly a Slave.) Written by Himself.

Author: Green, William; Publication Information: Springfield [MA]: L. M. Guernsey, Book, Job, and Card Printer, 1853.

Freedom's Offering,: a Collection of Poems
Author: Holly, Joseph C. (Joseph Cephas), 1825-1854; Publication Information: Rochester [NY]: Chas. H. McDonnell, book & job printer, cor. Front & Buff. Sts. T. Benford, binder., 1853.

Liberia as It Is. R.M. Johnson, to the Colored Citizens of the American Republic.

Author: Johnson, R. M.; Publication Information: Philadelphia: Brown's Steam Power Book and Job Printing Office, Ledger Buildings., 1853.

Sermons Preached in the African Protestant Episcopal Church of St. Thomas, Philadelphia

Author: Douglass, William, 1805-1862; Publication Information: Philadelphia: King & Baird, 1854.

The Black Laws of Illinois, and a Few Reasons Why They Should Be Repealed. by John Jones.
Author: Jones, John G. 1816-1879; Publication Information: Chicago: Tribune Book & Job Printing Office, 1864.

The Colored Soldier Boy!

Author: Nickless, Samuel; Publication Information: Philadelphia: Johnson's Card & Job Printing Office, No. 7 North Tenth St., Phila., [c1864].

A Speech on "Equality before the Law" Delivered. in the Ball of Representatives in the Capitol of Missouri on the Evening of Jan.,9, 1866

Author: Langston, John Mercer, 1829-1897; Publication Information: St. Louis: Printed at the Democrat Book amd [sic] Job Printing House, 1866.

Columbiana: or, the North Star.

Author: Boyd, Francis A., 1844-1872; Publication Information: Chicago: Steam Job and Book Printing House of B. Hand, 1870.