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The Charleston advocate.

Charleston, S.C. : H.J. Moore,

The free press.

Charleston, S.C. : T. Hurley,

The Anglo-African.

New York : Robert Hamilton,

The Louisianian.

New Orleans, La. : [s.n.], 1870-1871.

New national era.

Washington, D.C. : Frederick Douglass, 1870-1874.

The progressive American.

New York [N.Y.] : George A. Washington,

The Semi-weekly Louisianian.

New Orleans, La. : W.G. Brown, 1871-1872.

The echo = L'Echo.

St. Martinsville [i.e., St. Martinville], La. : J.F. Penne,

The Weekly Louisianian.

New Orleans, La. : W.G. Brown, 1872-1882.

The commoner.

Washington, D.C. : George W. Williams, 1875.