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Robert and Charlotte Baron Fellows

Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Brevoort Deborah 2012 Baron North Bergen, NJ playwright Research for a historical play about George and Martha Washington and the role of fashion in shaping American identity
Brill Amy 2005 Baron Brooklyn, NY writer Movement of the Stars: A fictional account of a female astronomer in the early 1800s Nantucket
Call Wendy 2010 Baron Seattle, WA non-fiction writer Series of literary essays about the grieving process
Carlson-Bradley Martha 2008 Baron Hillsborough, NH poet Begin with Trouble: A collection of poems inspired by the 1727 New England Primer
Dellinger Matt 2016 Baron Brooklyn, NY non-fiction writer and digital artist The Brooklyn 14th Regiment
DiIorio Gino 2007 Baron New York, NY playwright Research into life of Edmund Ross, southern politician who cast the deciding vote, insuring that President Andrew Johnson would be spared impeachment
Dobson Joanne 2004 Baron Berkeley, CA writer The Kashmiri Shawl: A historical novel set in New York City, 1860
Durrow Heidi 2007 Baron Los Angeles, CA fiction writer Research for novel about Miss Lala, famous strongwoman, circus aerialist and acrobat of the Victorian era
Glancy Diane 2020 Baron Shawnee Mission, KS poet Quadrille: A poetry manuscript that explores the effect of Christianity on the Native American
Gwartney Debra 2008 Baron Oregon non-fiction writer I am a Stranger Here Myself: A memoir and history of Narcissa Prentiss Whitman and womanhood in the patriarchal American West
Hayes Lisa 2011 Baron Bowie, MD playwright Research on colonial America just before the Revolutionary War to be used in writing two museum theater plays for the Accokeek Foundation's Natonal Colonial Farm
Hirshberg Charles 2005 Baron New York, NY writer Vistas of Destiny: Thomas Wentworth Higginson in Worcester
Jeffers Honoree 2009 Baron Norman, OK poet Research for book of poems whose centerpiece is a series about Phillis Wheatley, which imagines her interior life
Laurance Emily 2001 Baron Chapel Hill, NC musician, harpist Sacred Music and Theatrical Songs in Early Nineteenth Century America
Lorsung Eireann 2020 Baron Farmington, ME writer Non-fiction work that examines the history of gardens in Europe and the U.S.
Mazzio Joann 2000 Baron Pinos Altos, NM writer Fremont Expeditions in the 1840's
McCants Laurie 2019 Baron Bloomsburg, PA actor Solo performance about Frances Slocum, who in 1778 was abducted by the Lenape at 5 years of age
Nesbit TaraShea 2018 Baron Oxford, OH writer Beheld: The story of the Mayflower pilgrims told through the eyes of two women, Alice Bradford, a puritan, and Eleanor Billington, an indentured servant
Philip Leila 2018 Baron Woodstock, CT writer Non-fiction book about the experiences of contemporary New England fur trappers, offering a compelling, if startling window through which to reconsider environmentalism
Range Melissa 2013 Baron Columbia, MO poet Poetry project about the abolitionist movement
Reid Catherine 2012 Baron Asheville, NC writer, essayist Research for extended work of creative nonfiction tentatively titled "13 Travels with William Bartram" on the life and writings of William Bartram (1739-1823).
Rivecca Suzanne 2010 Baron San Francisco, CA fiction writer Novel about Walt Whitman's sojourn by boat to New Orleans with his teenage brother, Jeff
Roderick David 2003 Baron Berkeley, CA poet Blue Colonial: A collection of poems on the cultural interaction between the colonists and the Wampanoag tribe in the early seventeenth-century
Rodgers Erik 2017 Baron Los Angeles, CA fiction writer Research for a novel entitled “The Broken World”
Rozga Margaret 2014 Baron Milwaukee, WI poet Pestiferous Questions: A collection of poems inspired by the life of Jessie Benton Fremont
Rumney Linwood 2017 Baron Cincinnati, OH poet Research for a collection of poems entitled “Discrepant Means”
Sasanov Catherine 2016 Baron Jamaica Plain, MA poet Markd Y (Archives and Invocations)
Schinto Jeanne 2015 Baron Andover, MA independent writer  Research for 5-part series about the Walpole Society
Shuster Robert 2006 Baron Westchester County, NY writer The Indestructible Soldier: A non-fiction book on America's culture of war and the military in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Sikoryak R. 2006 Baron New York, NY Cartoonist Comic strip adaptation of Moby Dick
Sjogren Britta 2003 Baron San Francisco, CA filmmaker A Chain of Windows
Smith Sara 2015 Baron Greenfield, MA choreographer Florence Rice Hitchcock and the Theory of The Soft Earth: A multimedia dance project
Stevens James Thomas 2004 Baron Fredonia, NY poet Alphabets of Letters: A poem that explores propaganda found in Native American children's primers
Strand Ginger 2006 Baron New York, NY non-fiction writer Inventing Niagara: A non-fiction work on Niagara Falls
Taylor Tess 2006 Baron El Cerrito, CA Poet Book of poems titled The Family Chest
Terwilliger Cam 2011 Baron Somerville, MA fiction writer The Counterfeiter: A novel set in New York and Québec during the French and Indian War (1754–1763)
Thomson Lynn 2013 Baron New York, NY dramaturg, theater director The Time Traveler's Trip to Niagara Falls
Wendt Holly 2014 Baron Annville, PA novelist Holystone: A novel based on the early eighteenth century pirate Captain Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy
Williams Trudy 2019 Baron Leeds, MA playwright Complex Harmony: Music, Walt Whitman, and the Railroads
Yee Lauren 2009 Baron San Francisco, CA playwright interdisciplinary play exploring the concept of "performing racial identity in America"

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