American Studies Seminar - 2002

Private Writings: Their Uses and Value for History and Literature

The following American Studies Seminar research papers were written by students in the 2002 seminar, "Private Writings: Their Uses and Value for History and Literature," under the supervision of Helen R. Deese.

  • "Big Men on Campus? : Levi Lincoln Newton and the Harvard riots," by Erin Bartram
  • "The Letters of George Gustavus Kimball : A Reflection of the Greatest Generation," by James Bostock
  • "A Young Woman's Battle with Tuberculosis : A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Diaries of Sarah Josephine Stoughton," by Sara Campbell
  • "Serious Business: Growing up in 19th Century Massachusetts" by Meghan Griffiths
  • "The Significance of Private Writings: An Analysis of A Convict's Diary, an Unpublished Manuscript," by Jane McGowan
  • "Selected Letters of Lucy Chase, 1870's," by Janet O'Brien
  • "A New England School Boy in 1874: The Diary of Kenneth Allen," by Erin Penoyer-Gerbino
  • "Selected Journal Letters of Jonas King," by Elizabeth R. Salazar
  • "Abby and Stephen Foster: A Personal Perspective," by P. Thomas Spencer
  • "Levi Lincoln Newton, b. 1820, d. 1847 Worcester Unmarried: The Story of Levi Lincoln Newton," by Daniel Wajnowski

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