Artists in the Archive: Twenty-Five Years of Creative and Performing Artists and Writers Fellowships

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comic book page of article one section one of the constitution and two founding fathers running through a colonial town as superheroes
Wooden book cradle holding a large book opened to an image of a bird's nest
life-sized outdoor granite sculpture of a grecian sofa
Age of Phillis book cover
passenger pigeon and blue-mountain warbler from Alexander Wilson’s American Ornithology
Margaret Rozga
Jazzmen Lee-Johnson
Accordion book stretched out. Hand-painted aerial view of the Delaware river and 19th century diary notes
nineteenth century illustration of Yellowstone on a car dashboard driving through the same landscape
James Thomas Stevens
1871 lithograph of people fleeing the great Chicago fire
Beheld book cover
newspaper masthead from the 1828 issue of the Freedom's Journal
 leather spines of the Mather Family Collection at the American Antiquarian Society
The Movement of Stars book cover
Thrift Store Blues Collaborative project with Flatlands Dance Theatre
Cam Terwilliger
Dangerous Goods book cover
Annie Bissett teaching a course on printmaking
deborah dancy
title page of a seventeenth century primary source titled the trials of eight persons indited for piracy
hand-printed panoramic piece titled Laying Cable


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