Accounts of the Self: Autobiography and Personal Narrative in Antebellum America

American Studies Seminar
Ann Fabian

The following American Studies Seminar research papers were written by students in the 1997 seminar, "Accounts of the Self: Autobiography and Personal Narrative in Antebellum America," under the supervision of Professor Ann Fabian.

  • "The Didactic Agendas of Stephen Burroughs and Charles Brockden Brown," by Jason K. Bridgeo
  • "Black Hawk: An Autobiography. Sorting Through the Fact and Fiction of a True Story," by Tamara Brunell
  • "The War of 1812 Dartmoor Prison Through Personal Narratives," by John Carter
  • "The Role of Alcohol in Nineteenth Century Captivity and Indian Narratives," by Rachael C. Coyne
  • "The Conversion Narratives of John Arch and Catharine Brown: Tools of the Government and Missionaries," by Anthony DiBenedetto
  • "Criminal Confessions: The Connection Between Miseducation and Criminal Behavior in Massachusetts, 1780-1805," by Cary Hopkins Eyles
  • "Peter Williamson and the Birth of the Dime Novel," by Bob Hume
  • "Davy Crockett: An American Political Legend," by Amanda Lawler
  • "The World Behind the Imaginary Potter: Biographical, Literary, and Cultural Forcer Impinging Upon Melville's Novel Israel Potter: His Fifty Years of Exile," by Marc Santos
  • "The Life of the Common Soldier Through the Eyes of Shaw and Plumb Martin," by John Wholey

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