Senior Managers and Managers Biographies


Ellen S. Dunlap
Ellen has served as president of the Society since 1992. She previously held positions as director of the Rosenbach Museum and Library (Philadelphia) and research librarian at what is now the Harry Ransom Center at UT Austin, where she earned both her B.A. and M.L.S. She has served as chair of MassHumanities; the Independent Research Libraries Association; the Archives, Manuscripts, and Special Collections program of the Research Libraries Group; and the Worcester Cultural Coalition; and as a member of the board of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation; ESTC/North America; Rare Books School, University of Virginia; the Massachusetts Center for the Book; the Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries; and the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts (Philadelphia).


Susan Forgit
Susan is vice president for finance and administration. In addition to the finance department, she is responsible for Buildings and Grounds, Information Technology, and Human Resources. Prior to coming to AAS, Susan had held both public and hospital accounting positions. She has a B.A. from Nichols College and an M.B.A. from Clark University.


Beth Kopley
Beth serves as Vice President for Advancement. Before joining AAS, she directed development programs at institutions such as the Archives of American Art of the Smithsonian Institution, the California Institute of the Arts, the Boston Athenæum, and The Newark Museum. She also served on the development teams at Polytechnic School in Pasadena, the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University, and The New York Public Library. Beth has a B.A. in History and Literature from Harvard College and an M.A. in the Social History of Art from the University of Leeds, England


James David Moran
Jim is vice president for programs and outreach. He oversees the Society’s promotional activities, the Creative and Performing Artists and Writers Fellowships, and all programming aimed at the general public and K-12 educators and students. He is also a writer, director, and producer who has created a wide variety of video, audio, and theatrical presentations. He wrote and produced the new introductory videos on this website, as well as the AAS-sponsored radio program The History Show, which appeared on 151 public radio stations in 47 states, and the Society’s Isaiah Thomas-Patriot Printer play, which is currently touring to schools and civic organizations. Jim holds a B.S. from Emerson College.



Andrew P. Cariglia
Andy is the head of buildings and grounds and has held this position since 2002. He is directly responsible for the five buildings within our campus, manages two assistant maintenance personnel, and is a member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee. Andy has over twenty five years’ experience within the HVAC/R, plumbing, and sprinkler fields. His past education includes but is not limited to Worcester Technical Institute and The Peterson School of Engineering and holds certificates in related courses of study.



Ashley Cataldo
Ashley is curator of manuscripts. She is responsible for selecting, cataloging, and making accessible the Society's collection of diaries, correspondence, and other papers. She served as assistant curator of manuscripts for four years and, prior to that, held a variety of positions at AAS, including cataloger of books, reference assistant, and digital expediting assistant. Ashley holds an MA in English from Clark University and has pursued graduate work toward a PhD in History also at Clark University. Ashley has published articles on early American bookbinding, presented on seventeenth-century manuscript culture, and is interested in the intersection of information studies and the environmental humanities.


Anthony D. Conti (Nick)
Nick is the director of information technology. He is responsible for the Society's computer systems, telecommunications, and user support. Nick has been at AAS since 1997, having also worked in the reference and cataloging departments. He has a B.S. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an M.A. from Clark University.


Alan N. Degutis
Alan is head of cataloging services. He oversees AAS catalogers in their efforts to bring the Society's holdings under bibliographic control and make them accessible to readers. He works closely with the librarian and the staff of the Acquisitions and Conservation Departments. Alan began working at AAS in 1974. He has a B.A. in German Language and Literature from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and an M.S.L.S from Columbia University.


Babette Gehnrich
Babette Gehnrich is the chief conservator. She is responsible for the preservation of the Society’s collections and works closely with library staff. She received her training in book/paper conservation and hand bookbinding in Berlin, Germany, and the Centro del bel Libro in Switzerland. Prior to joining the AAS staff in 1989, she held the position of assistant book conservator at Yale University.


Vincent Golden
Vince Golden is the curator of newspapers and periodicals. He provides reference service to the collection as well as builds and improves access to it. Vince also works with the other curators towards collection development and coordination of multi-collection projects. He was formerly the special collections/reference librarian at the Paul V. Galvin Library at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and worked in the office of Special Collections Administration for several years at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He received his G.S.L.I.S. from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


Kathleen M. Haley
Kathleen is the information systems librarian. She is responsible for managing the automated system for cataloging and acquisitions and for maintaining the Society's online catalog. She also works on developing other internal databases at AAS, such as the Clarence database of newspaper holdings. Outside of AAS, she is serving as a data management consultant for the forthcoming EMINA database of Egyptian mummies in North America. Kathleen began her career in the library at Old Sturbridge Village followed by work at the Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library before coming to AAS in 1995. She holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University and an M.L.I.S. from the University of Rhode Island.


Lauren B. Hewes
Lauren is the chief curator. She builds and cares for the Society's collections of prints, broadsides, ephemera, and photographs and works with the curatorial team, the Center for Historic American Visual Culture (CHAViC), our fellows, and outside scholars to make connections between American history and the visual resources of the Society. Lauren has previously held positions at the Print Council of America, the National Park Service, and the Shelburne Museum, and she has published widely on American printmaking and portraiture. She has a B.S. from Ithaca College and an M.A. in Art History from Williams College.


Kayla Haveles Hopper
Kayla is the director of outreach. She works to reach a wide range of the Society’s constituents by planning and developing programming for the general public and K-12 audiences, running public and group tours, and being part of AAS’s social media team. She also manages and edits the Society’s publications, including the Almanac newsletter, the annual report, and the AAS blog ( She has worked previously at Historic New England and the Emily Dickinson Museum. She holds a B.A. in history from the College of the Holy Cross and an M.A. in history and public history from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Bethany Jarret
Beth is the head of acquisitions. She works closely with all five curators and is responsible for receiving, funding, and processing all the new acquisitions, as well as maintaining the acquisitions module for the online system. Previously, she has worked in the Acquisitions, Cataloging and Reader Services Departments at AAS. Before coming to the Society she was a reference librarian at both Fordham University and Clark University. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Classical civilizations from Fordham University, an M.L.I.S. from the University of Rhode Island and an M.S. in Non-profit management from Worcester State University.


Carol-Ann P. Mackey
Carol-Ann is the director of human resources. She has been at the Society since 1978, serving in the Administration and Development Departments. As director of human resources she guides and manages the overall provision of HR services, policies, and programs. Carol-Ann has a B.A. in psychology from Clark University and certificates in human resources.


Doris N. O’Keefe
Doris is the senior cataloger for rare books. She is responsible for the day-to-day progress of the NAIP project to create rare-book level records for American imprints, 1801-1820, held by AAS or reproduced in the microform series Early American Imprints, Second Series (1801-1810: Shaw-Shoemaker). She also works closely with the head of cataloging services and the NACO specialist on matters of catalog maintenance and authority control. Doris holds a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College, an M.A. from Syracuse University, and an M.L.I.S. from Simmons College.


Elizabeth Watts Pope
Elizabeth is curator of books and digitized collections. Her goal is to connect people to their history by providing access to printed and digitized sources, especially focusing on under-documented groups. Elizabeth promotes, makes accessible, and builds upon the strengths of the Society’s unparalleled collection of early American books and pamphlets. She works closely with digitization partners to make AAS collection material as widely available as possible. Her previous position at the Society was as the head of readers' services; prior to that she worked in acquisitions at AAS and in the archives at the Dodd Center at the University of Connecticut. She has an M.A. in History from the University of Connecticut.


Caroline Stoffel
Caroline is the online services librarian. She is responsible for the maintenance and development of the website. She also manages the Clarence project, a catalog of item-level newspaper holdings. Caroline has previously cataloged on the American Broadsides Project and worked in the readers' services department. She has an A.B. from Mount Holyoke College and an M.L.S. from Simmons College.


Amy Tims
Amy is the cataloging initiatives librarian. She supervises Cataloging Camp, an initiative whereby the Society provides access to previously un-cataloged collections through the creation of brief catalog records, and oversees discrete projects related to AAS cataloging. She works closely with the head of cataloging to facilitate access to the Society’s collections and she serves on national committees of the Rare Book and Manuscripts Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries. Her first cataloging position was at the Kinsey Institute, and prior to joining the AAS staff she also worked at the Lilly Library at Indiana University, Bloomington. She holds a B.A. in Classics and history from Southwestern University and a M.L.S. from Indiana University.


Kimberly Toney
Kim is head of readers' services. In addition to supervising the readers' services and reception staff, she works closely with readers and fellows, answering reference questions and making sure their research time in the reading room is well spent. She also organizes class visits to the Society. Kim has worked previously at the Center for Historic Architecture and Design at the University of Delaware and at the Newport Historical Society. She holds a B.A. from the University of Rhode Island and an M.A. from the University of Delaware.


Laura E. Wasowicz
Laura is curator of children’s literature. She assists researchers in accessing relevant titles from the AAS Children’s Literature collection and acquires and catalogs additional titles for the collection. She also promotes the collection through lectures, articles, and the Nineteenth-Century American Children’s Book Trade Directory database. Before coming to AAS in 1987, Laura worked at the Ryerson Library of the Art Institute. She has a B.A. in History from Rockford College, an M.A. in Library Science from the University of Chicago, and an M.A. in History from Clark University.


Kevin Wisniewski
Kevin is the director of Book History and Digital Initiatives. He manages the Program in the History of the Book in American Culture (PHBAC) and coordinates efforts to create and maintain digital access to collections and to foster partnerships with the larger academic community. Among these efforts, he develops new workshops and programs in the Society’s new interactive long-distance Learning Lab. Wisniewski previously taught in the English Department at the University of Maryland. He holds M.A. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Baltimore and a Ph.D. from UMBC.


Nan Wolverton
Nan is director of fellowships and director of the Center for Historic American Visual Culture (CHAViC). She oversees over forty fellowships—both long and short term--annually for AAS. As director of CHAViC she organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, and other programs related to visual culture. She serves on the board of directors for the Association of Research Institutes in Art History (ARIAH). She previously served as a lecturer in American Studies at Smith College. She also served as Executive Director at Historic Northampton Museum and Education Center and was curator of decorative arts at Old Sturbridge Village. She has worked for museums throughout New England, including the Emily Dickinson Museum and Melville’s Arrowhead. She holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Iowa.

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