The Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, 1880-2008

April 2003, Volume 113, Part 1

  • Achorn, Robert C., "Amy Bess Miller." (25-27) View PDF
  • Jeppson, John, "Robert Cushman." (27-30) View PDF
  • Lapides, Julian Lee, "P. William Filby." (30-33) View PDF
  • Bryan Jr., Charles F., "Francis Lewis Berkeley, Jr." (33-34) View PDF
  • Stuart-Stubbs, Basil, "William Kaye Lamb." (34-36) View PDF
  • Rubin, Joan Shelley, "Silver Linings: Print and Gentility in the World of Johnny Tremain." (37-52) View PDF
  • Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher, "A Harvard Seminar Looks at the Wards." (53-57) View PDF
  • Florence, Justin, "Minutemen for Months: The Making of an American Revolutionary Army Before Washington, April 20-July 2, 1775." (59-101) View PDF
  • Goetz, Rebecca Anne, "General Artemas Ward: A Forgotten Revolutionary Remembered and Reinvented, 1800-1938." (103-134) View PDF
  • Hoeflich, M. H., "Auctions and the Distribution of Law Books in Antebellum America." (135-161) View PDF
  • Baker, Anne, "Geography, Pedagogy, and Race: Schoolbooks and Ideology in the Antebellum United States." (163-190) View PDF

October 2003, Volume 113, Part 2

  • Wesby, Meridith Daniels, "Proceedings of the Annual Meeting." (197-200) View PDF
  • Dunlap, Ellen S., "Report of the Council." (201-210) View PDF
  • Donnelly Jr., James C., "Report of the Treasurer." (211-239) View PDF
  • Barnhill, Georgia B.; Sloat, Caroline F., "Bruce Goddard Daniels." (241-242) View PDF
  • Golden, Vincent L., "William Davis Taylor." (243-244) View PDF
  • Bennett, Bruce, "Robert Welles Booth." (245-247) View PDF
  • Hershkowitz, Leo, "Daniel Patrick Moynihan." (247-250) View PDF
  • Chaison, Joanne D., "Franklin Martin Loew." (251-255) View PDF
  • Lincoln, Crawford, "Richard Jerome Flynn." (255-256) View PDF
  • Fletcher, Warner, "Russell Earl Fuller." (257-259) View PDF
  • Joyce, William L., "John Higham." (259-262) View PDF
  • Billias, George Athan, "Martin V. Ridge." (262-265) View PDF
  • Nobles, Gregory H., "Ornithology and Enterprise: Making and Marketing John James Audubon's the Birds of America." (267-302) View PDF
  • Izard, Holly V., "Worcester Through a Child's Eyes: An Introduction to the Diaries of Louisa Jane Trumbull, 1829-37." (303-347) View PDF
  • Izard, Holly V., "'L. J. Trumbull's Book': Louisa Jane Trumbull's First Journal, November 3, 1829-May 20, 1834." (349-491) View PDF

April 2002, Volume 112, Part 1

  • Hench, John B., "Proceedings of the Semiannual Meeting." (7-8) View PDF
  • Dunlap, Ellen S., "Report of the Council." (9-17) View PDF
  • Gehnrich, Daniel, "Leonard Baskin." (19-22) View PDF
  • McCorison, Marcus A., "Gertrude Robinson Mallary." (22-25) View PDF


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