The Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, 1880-2008

October 2005, Volume 115, Part 2

  • Newmyer, R. Kent, "Kathryn Conway Preyer." (195-200) View PDF
  • Baron, Robert C., "Alvin M. Josephy, Jr." (200-204) View PDF
  • Gustafson, Sandra M., "The Emerging Media of Early America." (205-250) View PDF
  • Hench, John B., "From Microprint to Megapixels: The Fifty-Year Partnership Between Readex and the American Antiquarian Society." (251-252) View PDF
  • Imholtz Jr., August A., "Albert Boni: A Sketch of a Life in Micro-Opaque." (253-277) View PDF
  • McCorison, Marcus, "Into the Unknown in 1955-Aas and Readex." (279-288) View PDF
  • Gray, Edward, "Cultures of Invention: Exploring Tom Paine and His Iron Bridge in the Digital Age." (289-294) View PDF
  • Scott, Robert, "The Readex Corporation, the American Antiquarian Society, and the Brave New World of Electronic Text: A Librarian's Perspective." (295-316) View PDF
  • Pomeroy, Jane R., "A New Bibliography of the Work of Wood Engraver and Illustrator Alexander Anderson." (317-340) View PDF

April 2004, Volume 114, Part 1

  • Wesby, Meridith D., "Proceedings of the Semiannual Meeting." (7-8) View PDF
  • Dunlap, Ellen S., "Report of the Council." (9-22) View PDF
  • Moynihan, Kenneth J., "Robert Joseph Cormier." (23-24) View PDF
  • King, B. Anthony, "Avon Neal." (25) View PDF
  • Cole, John Y., "Daniel J. Boorstin." (26-30) View PDF
  • Keller, Kate Van Winkle, "Arthur Francis Schrader." (30-34) View PDF
  • Huntley-Smith, Jen A., "'Such Is Change in California': James Mason Hutchings and the Print Metropolis, 1854-1862." (35-85) View PDF
  • Hamilton, Cynthia S., "Models of Agency: Frederick Douglass and 'The Heroic Slave.'." (87-136) View PDF
  • Cohen, Daniel A., "Martha Buck's Copybook: New England Tragedy Verse and the Scribal Lineage of the American Ballad Tradition." (137-186) View PDF

October 2004, Volume 114, Part 2

  • Wesby, Meridith Daniels, "Proceedings of the Annual Meeting." (193-195) View PDF
  • Dunlap, Ellen S., "Report of the Council." (197-205) View PDF
  • "Report of the Treasurer." (207-231) View PDF
  • Billias, George Athan, "Milton Klein." (233-238) View PDF
  • Cowan, Fairman, "Norman Lawrence Sharfman." (238-240) View PDF
  • Davis, Ronald S., "John Clark Woodbury." (240-242) View PDF
  • Schiller, Justin G., "Betsy Beinecke Shirley." (242-247) View PDF
  • Gura, Philip F., "'Magnalia Historiae Libri Americana'; Or, How AAS Brought the History of the Book Into the New Millennium." (249-280) View PDF
  • Bailyn, Bernard, "Thomas Hutchinson in Context: The Ordeal Revisited." (281-300) View PDF
  • Roberts, Brian, "'Slavery Would Have Died of That Music': The Hutchinson Family Singers and the Rise of Popular-Culture Abolitionism in Early Antebellum-Era America, 1842-1850." (301-368) View PDF

April 2003, Volume 113, Part 1

  • Wesby, Meridith Daniels, "Proceedings of the Semiannual Meeting." (7-9) View PDF
  • Dunlap, Ellen S., "Report of the Council." (11-24) View PDF


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