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Account Books (Unidentified) Collection, 1703-1836
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About this collection

Octavo Volume    
1 1703-1728 near Marblehead, Mass., Dealer and Farm Account Book: lists salaries paid, and sales of bushels of food, rum, cloth, wood, and loads of logs for a mill. Customers included Nathaniel Potter, Nathaniel Fairfield, and members of the Quarles family of Salem, Mass.
2 1793 Cambridge, Mass., Horse Dealer's Account Book: stud stock, mares to be bred, boarded.
3 1808-1814 Worcester, Mass., General Store Daybook and Ledger, with Index: sale of hardware, clothing, fabric, household items, leather goods, sundries. Customers included Aaron Bancroft (1755-1839), Ephraim Mower (1748-1810), Isaiah Thomas, and Pliny Earle (1762-1832).
4 1817-1826 unknown location, Dealer's Ledger (fragment): sale of sundries, unspecified purchases, and payments made by customers, e.g. Samuel Tuckerman and Joseph Brigham.
Folio Volume    
1 undated unknown location, Dry Goods Store Inventory: dealt with a variety of fabric, clothing, boots, shoes, notions, crockery, glassware.
2 undated 7 Indexes:

a. Worcester, Mass., area customers included Levi William Lincoln (1801-1843)

b. Boston, Mass., area Marine Shipper, with mention of specific voyages

c. Worcester County, Mass. dealer

d. Sterling or Worcester, Mass., - customers included Ebenezer Ball, West Boylston Manufacturing Company

e. Sterling or Worcester, Mass. (cont.) customers included Edward Dillingham Bangs (1790-1838), William Eaton (1764-1811)

f. Sterling or Worcester, Mass. (cont.)

g. Boston, Mass., area dealer whose customers included Thomas Bulfinch (1728-1802), Nathaniel Appleton (1731-1798)

3 c. 1750 Boston, Mass., Index to a Dealer's Account Book: customers included Benjamin Fanueil, Samuel Sewall, Ephraim Mower (1723-1790). Possibly kept by a member of the Gerrish family.
4 1765-1766 near Boston, Mass., Innkeeper's Account Book: served liquor, cheese, cider, "flip," etc. Plus personal cash accounts.
5 1765-1775 Boston, Mass., General Merchandise Ledger, with Index: wholesale dealings in sugar, chocolate, spices, sundries. Customers included members of the Pynchon family.
6 1789-1791 Danvers, Mass., General Store Daybook: sale of rum, molasses, candles, grog, etc. Covers of volume were used as a logbook in 1789, and contains weather records.
7 1796-1798 Boston, Mass., Wholesale and Commission Dealer's Account Book: sales of specific types of fabric, a wide variety of food-stuffs and dry goods (e.g., wool cards), bills receivable, and records of money received for sundry jobs (e.g., coopering). Customers included Stephen and Samuel Salisbury (1739-1818).
8 1802-1807 Boston, Mass., area, Furrier's Account (or Muff) Book: sale of specific types of fur, fur articles of clothing, wholesale purchases of fur, salaries paid to largely female employees.
9 1803 Boston, Mass., Index to Sheriff's Record Book of writs and executions served: possibly that of Boston sheriff Jeremiah Allen ( - ).
10 1804-1805 Boston, Mass., Wharfinger's Account Book: debits owed to wharfinger for unloading at wharfage and storing specific items (e.g., wine, rice, bales of cotton). Customers included Stephen and Samuel Salisbury, Joseph Ripley ( - ).
11 1808-1819 Worcester or Boston, Mass., Wholesale and Imports Account Book: brief lists of sundry accounts, substantial cash accounts, and "stock" under names of such clients as Levi Lincoln, Daniel Waldo (1763-1845), and Isaiah Thomas. Dealt with clients in England as well.
12 1814-1819 Nantucket, Mass., Dealer's Ledger: unspecified sales to such customers as Isaac Coffin (1759-1839) and Joseph Starbuck (1774-1861).
13 1819-1820 Danvers, Mass., Importer's Waste Book, Journal, and Ledger (3 volumes bound together): Importer's initials are "A.P." Inventory of his entire property; records of imports (e.g., canary wine, fabric, foodstuffs); costs, insurance, credits and debits. Customers included James Thornhill ( - ), John Vallens ( - )
14 1822-1827 Worcester area, Sawmill Daybooks (4 volumes): lists of sawing prices, sawing orders (dealing with a variety of wood), drawing in logs. Customers included John Chaddock (  -   )
15 1827 Unknown location, Auctioneer's Account Book: sale of store, dwelling house and its contents, land, farm, goods. Lengthy list of all items sold and the price
16 c1828-1836 Rutland County, Vt., Dealer's Account Book: unspecified debits and credits. Frequently dealt with customers in Orwell, Vt.
17 1829 Worcester, Mass., General Store Daybook: sale of fabric, articles of clothing, tobacco, liquor, foodstuffs, notions. Customers included Elijah Burbank (1762-1847), Silvenas Livermore (  -  )
18 1829 Worcester, Mass., General Store Ledger
19 1829-1830 Worcester, Mass., General Store Daybook: (cont.) additional sales of sheeting, shirting, handkerchiefs. Customers included residents of Sutton, Mass.

About this collection

This collection of twenty-three unidentified account books spans the period 1703 to 1836 and represents an interesting variety of business concerns in several New England towns. Included are account books, ledgers, daybooks, inventories, and indexes. Among the businessmen are a horse dealer, auctioneer, innkeeper, furrier, importers and wholesalers, general storekeepers, sawmill owner, wharfinger, sheriff, and dry-goods dealers.

Many volumes are detailed records of the prevailing styles in fabrics, clothing, and furs. There are references to popular types of wood, liquor, and imported foods, as well as inventories of estates. Many merchants dealt with notable Massachusetts citizens, including Levi Lincoln (1749-1820), Stephen Salisbury (1746-1829), and Isaiah Thomas (1749-1831). The Massachusetts towns represented include Worcester, Boston, Cambridge, Danvers, Marblehead, and Nantucket Island. There is also an account book for Rutland County, Vt.

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