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The Illustrated Inventory of Paul Revere's works
at the American Antiquarian Society

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Revere Collection Box 4

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Box 4 Folders 1-28
Reproductions of Revere’s engravings and cuts.
[1832-1970]; sheet: (various sizes). plate: (various sizes). Link to record (none).
No Brigham plate. No link to Brigham.

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Box 4 Folder 1

Boston Massacre Scenes; facsimiles and reproductions

See boxed images and item in Box 8. Included in folder are reproductions of Revere's Boston Massacre, many annotated by Brigham. Included is a page from the American Magazine of Useful Knowledge Volume 1, 1835, a page from the Sabbath School Messenger from August 2, 1839 and a children's copy book from 1837 filled with manuscripts of mathematics by Frances M. Cobb with a wood engraving of the Massacre on the front cover. Also included is a copy-book cover of the 1770 Massacre scene with the 'Deaf and Dumb Alphabet' on the reverse, a booklet dated 1845 entitled 'The Strangers Guide, or information about Boston and Vicinity' with the Revere print on the reverse, two pages of souvenirs (one colored) from the 1888 'Bostonians in Revolution,' a page from the Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings, a lined-sheet with manuscript annotations on the differences on the clock in the image, a negative, photograph and blue-print of the Massachusetts Calendar for 1772.

There is also a photostat of a broadside from the New York Historical Society with the Massacre featured, a proof of a plate, a block made by Carl Drapperd from 1942, photographs of a watercolor of the Massacre titled 'Effects of a Standing Army in Time of Peace' with negative, a reproduction from a painting by Walter Gilman Page, a reproduction on card stock issued by the Bostonian Society in 1907, a detail of a restrike of the Massacre scene, electrostatic and glossy photographs, an interior page of a New York Historical Society Annual Report, a photograph of a re-strike, a page from an auction catalog, the cover of a Print Shop Portfolio, color reproductions reduced in size, additional reproductions from the Brigham text, a plate titled a “Re-strike from an original revere copper plate in State House, Boston,” a 1902 photograph of the Fifth of March broadside, three copies from catalogs with the print featured, blue-prints, a photograph of an original Revere, and color/black and white plates from Brigham's.

[example of one of the items reproduced]

Box 4 Folder 2

Two facsimiles of the Boston Massacre 1770 scene by Revere. One is a second copy of the 1832 print in Box 2 Folder 3. The other is annotated on the reverse "reprinted…by Goodspeed's in June of 1989."

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Box 4 Folder 3

Reproductions of Buried with him by Baptism including two copies of plate 49 from Brigham's text; also included is a card annotated by Brigham listing an additional copy.

[examples of some of the items reproduced]

Box 4 Folder 4

Masonic Plates; reproductions. Copies of plates 59 [Box 3 Folder 10], 60 [Box 3 Folder 9], 63 [Box 3 Folder 3] 64 [Box 3 Folder 14] and 65 [Box 2 Folder 7] from Brigham, a photograph of a Masonic certificate, an embossed Photostatic of the Masonic notation, electrostatic copies and facsimiles of plates.

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Box 4 Folder 5

Brigham's reproductions; reproductions of paper money and currency found in the Revere Currency in the AAS paper money holdings.

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Box 4 Folder 6

William Pitt. Reproductions from Brigham's text.

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Box 4 Folder 7

Bookplates. Reproductions from Brigham's text.

[examples of some of the items reproduced]

Box 4 Folder 8

Misc. Reproductions from Brigham's text. Included are plates 1, 4 [Hemp Mill], 7, 12 [Lord God Omnipotent], 29 [Col Benjamin Church and King Philip], 30 [Dramatic Interlude], 50 [George Washington].

Note: plates 1 and 7 are the Revere Day Book and portrait of Jonathan Mayhew; neither are in the AAS collection and so not reproduced here or in the inventory.

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Box 4 Folder 9

Additional reproductions of the Boston Massacre 1770 scene; all reproductions are from Brigham's text.

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Box 4 Folder 10

Landing of the Troops reproductions. Facsimiles, photographs, a print on the reverse of an 1880s newspaper, and various other reproductions.

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Box 4 Folder 11

Reproductions for the View of the Colleges at Cambridge including a Memo from Francis R. Hart from 1928. Included are black and white and colored reproductions.

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Box 4 Folder 12

Reproductions of Frugal Housewife from Brigham’s text.

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Box 4 Folder 13

Reproductions of Anatomical Lectures with a note “A Versatile Patriot” by Stefan C. Schatzki for Medicine in American Art and a photocopy of a note from N.W. Appleton on the November 30, 1781 meeting of the Boston Medical Society.

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Box 4 Folder 14

Reproductions of the music books; includes a note-card with ‘A Christmas Hymn’ by Martha Lou & Dean Fales.

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Box 4 Folder 15

North Battery reproductions. Reproductions from Brigham's text.

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Box 4 Folder 16

Obelisk reproductions, re-strike and an item entitled “Paul Revere’s Monument” In Honor of the Repeal of the Stamp Act from 1881.

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Box 4 Folder 17

Reproductions of Fire Relief Society with an electrostatic copy of a broadside.

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Box 4 Folder 18

Reproductions of the plates in the Royal American Magazine; one negative of the “Mitred Minuet.”

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Box 4 Folder 19

Reproductions of trade card by John Piemont owned by the Town of Danvers, trade cards by Revere and Sons. Also black and white, negative and Photostatic copies of advertising ephemera reproduced by Brigham.

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Box 4 Folder 20

Reproductions for View of the Year 1765 and note from Brigham on original at library at Harvard University.

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Box 4 Folder 21

Reproductions of A Warm Place Hell including an annual dinner card for the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, negatives and copies of the broadside (not in AAS collection).

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Box 4 Folder 22

Reproductions from Brigham’s text of the Woodcuts, newspaper mastheads, etc.

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Box 4 Folder 23

Photograph of a copy of “And the Darkness…for Rising States Lodge” and written on the reverse “from the Library of Supreme [Court] in Washington.” Also included is a photograph of a Masonic certificate engraved by Revere and an apron.

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Box 4 Folder 24

Two photographic reproductions of the Landing of the Troops.

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Box 4 Folder 25

Photograph of the Billing’s Frontispiece (not AAS copy); music book reproductions.

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Box 4 Folder 26

Photograph of Willard Clock advertisements; some feature the clock interior(s) and other timepieces.

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Box 4 Folder 27

Photographic reproductions of The Able Doctor, A Warm Place, Sir Wilbraham Wentworth from The Royal American Magazine and a reproduction of the Colleges of Cambridge printed in 1916 for the Club of Odd Volumes.

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Box 4 Folder 28

Color reproduction (facsimile) in large red folder with notes on Revere’s Boston Massacre printed in 1970 by the Library of Congress.


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