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Note on file: “Folders 1-17 are not in AAS collection but several are similar to Boxed Art Gospel Story; may be in Pierson 1892 McLoughlin book which is at the Library of Congress. The Helen Pierson Book is a very likely key to identify.”


Selected Illustrations
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Folder 6

Folder 1 “Jesus is Tempted by Satan – p 22” Jesus to the right with his hand raised; Satan with wings to the right standing on a snake to the left; in the distance is a city; in the sky is an angel clutching her chest, 25 x 19 cm

Folder 2 “Jesus at the House of Mary and Martha – p 88” Jesus to the right seated; woman sits in front of him with her hands folded; another woman is at a table behind them with food and wine; on the floor is a sleeping dog, 26 x 19.5 cm

Folder 3 “A sinful woman anoints the feet of Jesus – p 48” Jesus seated at a table; to the right are three men seated looking at the scene in disgust and surprise; below Christ is a woman washing Christ’s feet with her hair, 25.5 x 19.5 cm

Folder 4 “Jesus Blessing the Loaves and Fishes” Christ holding onto a loaf of bread; before him are three more baskets and several men; behind him is a crowd of people, 24 x 17.5 cm

Folder 5 “Jesus Finds his Disciples Sleeping – p 137” Christ with halo stands on rocks with arm raised; in front of him are three men; two to the left sleeping; one to the right awakening, 25.5 x 19 cm

Folder 6 “And Pilate Said Unto Them. ‘Behold the Man.’ P 147” Christ in front of a crowd with hands bound a halo and thorns around his head; Pilate has his arm extended towards him, 25 x 19 cm

Folder 7 “Christ and the Tribute Money” Christ with halo in front of a crowd of men pointing; to the left is a man holding money in his hand towards Christ, 19 x 15 cm

Folder 8 Men and women in a circle on knees praying; above them is a dove and streams of light falling cascading downward, 19.5 x 14.5 cm

Folder 9 Christ in the water being baptized by John; a group of men look on; a dove descends from the heavens, 20 x 14 cm

Folder 10 Image of two biblical men sitting on a wall at night a half moon above them; behind them is a city, 20 x 15 cm

Folder 11 “Jesus Drives the Money Changers out of the Temple – p 24” Jesus with a rope in his hands pointing left; before him are men with bags of money, one bends over and picks up a spilled trunk, 20 x 14 cm

Folder 12 “The Angel Gabriel Appears to Mary – p 9” Mary standing before a book with hands enclosed around her chest; Gabriel comes in to the left with his arm extended, 19.5 x 14.5 cm

Folder 13 Christ walking towards the left being followed by crowd; a woman behind him is clasping his robes, 19 x 24.5 cm

Folder 14 “She doth Seek diligently until she Find It.” Biblical woman on bended knee sweeping the floor holding onto a lit lamp; jugs are in front of her, 26 x 18 cm

Folder 15 “The Flight into Egypt” Mary holding baby Jesus riding atop a donkey; to the right is Joseph leading the donkey carrying an axe; above them is an angel, 25 x 18 cm

Folder 16 “Frontispiece for Old Testament for Color” A seated bearded king facing the viewer with eyes averted left; he is holding a pen and a scroll; several other scrolls and papers surround him, 26 x 19.5 cm

Folder 17 Christ standing on a doorstop facing the viewer, his hand is knocking on the wooden door which is covered in ivy, 22.5 x 15 cm


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