Box 47

Touched proofs; paste-ups; manuscript

Nast, Thomas, 1840-1902.

Known books with call numbers and possible books:
Nast’s illustrated almanac for 1871 McL-Pam N269 I29 1870

Known nursery rhymes, fairy tales and stories:
Poor Robinson Crusoe

Genre/subject of illustrations:
Annotated artwork
Publishing process -- text and image layout


Selected Illustrations
(click to enlarge):




Folder 1 Signatures of glued paper with manuscript material and illustrated printed silhouettes and proofs; one features clothed animals sitting at a dining room table eating with a bearded man; another proof features animals dancing while the bearded man plays at a piano and a caricature of an African American plays the fiddle, 34 x 27.5 cm [Part of album used in: Nast’s illustrated almanac for 1871 McL-Pam N269 I29 1870]


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