Box 40


No known illustrator(s)

Known books with call numbers and possible books:
Cinderella McL Pam C574 S231 1889

Known nursery rhymes, fairy tales and stories:

Genre/subject of illustrations:
Annotated artwork
Covers/title banners/headings
Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales


Selected Illustrations
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Folder 1


Folder 2

Folder 1 Cinderella opening a cage releasing a mouse outside; behind her is a woman, the Fairy Godmother, dressed in yellow and white with a glow around her; a wand is pointing to the rat; through the doorway is a carriage and horses, 41 x 36 cm [used in: Cinderella McL Pam C574 S231 1889]

Folder 2 Cinderella running down a flight of stairs with one shoe; in front of her is a pumpkin and several mice; on the balcony above is a man running and to the left is a soldier in Elizabethian clothing standing guard, 42 x 33 cm [used in: Cinderella McL Pam C574 S231 1889]

Folder 3 Cinderella standing in a doorway wearing a yellow dress covered with a red and white covering, and wreath of leaves; to her right is a man with his hat raised above him; to her left are two women; in front is a man on a white horse blowing a horn and to the left a man bowing with a pillow, 42.5 x 36 cm [used in: Cinderella McL Pam C574 S231 1889]


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