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No known illustrator(s)

Known books with call numbers and possible books:
Child’s First Book [Not at AAS]
Domestic Animals [Not at AAS]
Images are similar, but not identical to Domestic animals McL-Pam D668 A4562 1881

Known nursery rhymes, fairy tales and stories:

Genre/subject of illustrations:
Covers/title banners/headings


Selected Illustrations
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Folder 1


Folder 2

Folder 1 “Domestic Animals” cover featuring a brown and white cow facing right; the cow is in standing water; behind her are lush green hills; the title is mounted on a piece of wood and is annotated underneath “The Cow”, 31 x 25 cm

Folder 2 “Domestic Animals” cover featuring a brown and white large dog with a collar facing right; he is standing on a stone path bordered with grass; title is written on a red banner and annotated underneath “The Dog”, 31.5 x 24.5 cm

Folder 3 “Domestic Animals” cover featuring a white horse facing right, eyes towards the viewer; the horse is standing on a worn path and behind him are  lush green hills; title “Domestic Animals” has a red ornamental border, 31.5 x 25 cm

Folder 4 A male peacock facing left with his long tail feathers behind him; he is standing on top of a decorative piece of wood; behind him is a golden circle and tree branch; image is annotated in lower right “Back for Child’s First Book”, 28 x 23.5 cm


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