Box 26

Pen and ink; pen and ink over cyanotype

Nister, Ernest [British artist]

Known books with call numbers and possible books:
Book of Dollies: New Series [Not at AAS]
Ideal Mother Goose McL M9183 I19 1898
Little Jack Horner McL M Pam M9183 J12 1899

Known nursery rhymes, fairy tales and stories:
Away, birds, away
Little Polly Flinders

Genre/subject of illustrations:
Annotated artwork
Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales
Mother Goose


Selected Illustrations
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Folder 7


Folder 10

Folder 1 Image of a mother hippopotamus in the water swimming left; on top of her back is a baby hippopotamus; behind them are reeds; cyanotype underneath is signed, “E. Nister”, 21 x 23 cm

Folder 2 A man riding atop a camel with a blanket; the man is barefoot and is wearing a headdress; next to him is a man walking carrying a large spear with several swords in his belt, 29 x 23 cm

Folder 3 A herd of zebra gathered together to the left; to the right is a male lion watching; in the distance are rolling hills, 11.5 x 27.5 cm

Folder 4 A small white dog looking up at a horse; between them is an iron fence covered in ivy; a sheepdog looks through the fence towards the viewer, 36.5 x 17 cm

Folder 5 A woman riding a chariot facing right which is pulled by several winged dragons; they are harnessed and hold bits in their mouths, 31.5 x 35.5 cm

Folder 6 Two children, a boy and a girl; sitting in a crib with bars and wheels; they are pointing to a stocking which has a doll coming out; on the wall is a framed picture of a dog holding a doll; annotation on bottom reads “(New Series) for Cover of Book of Dollies”, 38.5 x 29 cm

Folder 7 A young woman standing at a tall table arranging flowers in a pitcher; she is wearing colonial era clothing and clogs; behind her is a bed with a canopy and the hand of a person beneath the covers, 33.5 x 26.5 cm

Folder 8 Two girls with a black bear; one of the girls is feeding food to the bear who is salivating; both are wearing colonial era clothing and clogs, 33 x 27.5 cm

Folder 9 Two girls sitting outdoors on a log feeding lettuce to a rabbit; both girls are in colonial era clothing and clogs, 33 x 29.5 cm

Folder 10 Two girls standing in a field holding each other around the waist; they are looking left at a boy who is standing over the body of a black bear, 33.5 x 28.5 cm

Folder 11 A woman playing a hand-clapping game with a baby who is seated in front of her on a chaise; the baby is wearing a bonnet, 29 x 23.5 cm [Used in: Ideal Mother Goose McL M9183 I19 1898 and Little Jack Horner McL M Pam M9183 J12 1899]

Folder 12 A small puppy on a stone wall; walking towards the stone wall is a girl carrying her hat behind her back; annotation at the bottom reads “Bow wow wow whose dog art thou?”, 28 x 20 cm

Folder 13 A girl sitting on a stool facing left; in front of her is a fireplace; she has both her arms and feet extended [image could likely be for Little Polly Flinders], 29.5 x 22.5 cm

Folder 14 A young child with light-colored hair standing outside scattering seed; beneath the child are several small birds eating and others flying towards the scene; image is annotated in the lower left “Away Birds”, 28 x 24.5 cm

Folder 15 A young child looking right with his or her hands behind the back folded; the child is wearing a smock, socks and shoes; image is annotated beneath “Page 73”, 28 x 18 cm

Folder 16 A young girl wearing a dress dangling a spool of thread in front of a kitten; in front of them is an empty bowl; image is annotated “I like little pussy &c”, 21.5 x 17.5 cm

Folder 17 “Little Polly Flinders” image of a young girl in a white dress sitting on a stool with her feet dangling over a hearth; she is looking forward into a fireplace [sketch on reverse], 28 x 24.5 cm

Folder 18 Image of three children wearing winter clothing falling through thin ice; they all look surprised, 18 x 28 cm


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