Box 10


Cox, Palmer, 1840-1924 [one cover, unsigned; attributed]

Known books with call numbers and possible books:
No definite match; one image matches interior of Queer People with Wings and Stings and Their Kweer Kapers by Palmer Cox [Not at AAS]

Known nursery rhymes, fairy tales and stories:
No definite match

Genre/subject of illustrations:
Annotated artwork
Covers/title banners/headings
Painting book samples


Selected Illustrations
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Folder 1


Folder 7

Folder 1 Farm scene featuring a barn with pigeons on the roof; horses eating out of an enclosure; ducks in a pond and chickens to the right; cows walking and large bales of hay in the distance; the upper half of the image is empty but has been filled in with a glued-in piece of paper with two ducks; five ducklings and a dragonfly; image is likely cover of unknown/untitled book, 26.5 x 22 cm

Folder 2 Two birds dancing on a path; one is black and wearing a red jacket and yellow and orange striped hat; the other has long legs; image is labeled “with pictures by Palmer Cox McLoughlin Bros. New York”, image is likely cover of unknown/untitled book [image is mutilated and is missing the upper left hand corner] [colors are annotated on the reverse], 23 x 23 cm

Folder 3 Three female angels floating in the air wearing long robes; they are holding and reading (or singing) from a large red book, 25.5 x 21 cm

Folder 4 Four vignettes featuring animals and instruments, each one separated by a decorative border; the first one is a cricket playing a fiddle, second one is cat playing a banjo; third one is rabbit playing a drum and fourth one is a frog singing from sheet music [colors are annotated to the left], 14 x 20 cm

Folder 5 Several chickens, a rooster and a turkey on a path; to the left is a wooden enclosure [cardstock included says “this could be used […] Painting Books”, 15 x 22 cm

Folder 6 Ducklings in a pond with a large white duck, 12.5 x 22.5 cm

Folder 7 Striped cat on a wooden kitchen floor with a chicken and a white duckling or gosling; behind them is a stove with a jug and a cupboard with a few dishes; in front of them is an empty red bowl [colors are annotated on the reverse], 23 x 18 cm

Folder 8 Large brown dog walking through reeds into a pond; before him is the underbelly of a dead duck, to the right is a white duck hiding its head; in the distance are several ducks flying away, 23 x 18 cm

Folder 9 Three large swans in the foreground on a pond with lilies; behind them is an additional pair of swans, in the distance is path leading to a large manor [image is mounted on cardstock], 28 x 23 cm

Folder 10 Large white duck on a beach surrounded by several small ducklings; to the left is a larger duckling, possibly a cygnet or gosling emerging from a shell; behind them is a wooden enclosure, [image is mounted on cardstock and has colors listed on the reverse], 28 x 23 cm

Folder 11 Turkey with its tail features exposed walking on a path with several ducks and a gosling; in the distance is a farmhouse and mountains; to the left is a wooden fence, 23 x 18 cm

Folder 12 Several ducks on a pond with a larger duckling, cygnet or gosling being coaxed by a mallard; on the beach are two additional ducks; in the distance is a farmhouse and mountains [cardstock accompanying image is annotated “Floating Fowl” and has colors listed], 23 x 18 cm


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