Box 7

David Claypoole Johnston
Folio Lithographs, Engravings, Etchings and Serial Clippings

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Box 7 Folder 1a-b Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). Mr Mathews; At Home in the Diligence; a: hand-colored engraving. b: engraving. a: (27 x 30.5 cm). b: (24.5 x 21.5 trimmed) No date. Copy B gift of David Tatham, 2010.

Image featuring six people in costume facing in opposite directions; behind them is a large carriage; people are named as follows: Mons Poudre with an image of a man with riding boots, whip and gloves; Mons Peremtoire with an image of a man in a long white coat with box under his arms; Miss Evergreen with image of a man [dressed as a woman?] in a pink dress, black bonnet holding a bird cage; Hezekiah Hulk with image of a large man in brown coat carrying a handled pail; Sam Starch Esq. with image of man in a coat and white hat peering through a monocle; Jemmy with image of a man sitting shining a black boot with spur. Illustration is for text contained within The Cat Fight; AAS Catalog record available here.

Note: AAS has two copies.

See similar Mr. Mathews print in Box 7 Folder 21.





Box 7 Folder 2 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). Miss E. Tree as Julia; engraving. (29.5 x 21.5 cm). No date.

Image of a well-dressed woman seated near a small table with tablecloth; on the top is a pen and inkwell; she is wearing a long gown with buttons large sleeves and gloves; one elbow is on the table and she is looking right; she has beads around her neck and in her hair; on her lap is an open letter. Quote at bottom says “ ‘I have wronged him. He can’t be happy, does not look it, is not’ The Hunchback Ac 4 Sc 2”







Box 7 Folder 3 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). Washington Allston; engravings. (24 x 16.5 cm). No date.

Three copies of an engraved portrait of Washington Allston seated at a chair facing left working at his easel; in his hand is a palette with paints and a brush; he is wearing a long embroidered coat. One of the engravings is labeled beneath “Drawn and engraved by DC Johnston for the New Mirror”.




Box 7 Folder 4 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). Dickens and the Artist in Boots; engraving. (20 x 30 cm). 1843.

Interior scene featuring image of a man looking in a mirror to the right holding a handkerchief; behind him is a table with a glass and a book; to the far right is a young man sitting on a chaise holding his leg up; on the floor is a boot and on the wall two framed images of Niagara Falls; note: see additional image in Box 6 Folder 33. Title at bottom states “Dickens and the ‘Artist in Boots’ Dickens – Nearly ready sir? Artist ‘Well pretty nigh keep steady’ Dickens Notes last page. See Box 6 Folder 33 .




Box 7 Folder 5 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). The Place of Professor Cary’s Nativity, Paulers-Pury Northhamptonshire. engraving. (23 x 28 cm). 1832..

Exterior image of a cottage with a thatched roof; the structure is divided in two with the half to the left being two stories and the half to the right being one; in the foreground are several men and a dog; a woman stands in the doorway; to the left is a picket fence. Beneath image to the left is “T. P. Gardiner del” and to the right “D.C. Johnston sc.” Note on file says: Thomas Smith and John Choules, "The Origin and History of Missions" Boston, 1832.






Box 7 Folder 6 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [City view featuring Lowell Mass with label]; engraving. (36.5 x 50.5 cm). No date.

Cityscape featuring numerous mill buildings and steeples in the distance; in the foreground are farms divided by fences and the Merrimack River to the left which cuts through the scene; in the immediate foreground is an open field with two couples, a dog and to the left a seated artist drawing; the circular scene is bordered with a banner reading “Merrimack Prints” and on the bottom “Lowell Mass.”


Enlarge [partial scan of 5 of 11 images]




Box 7 Folder 7 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [The Glorious Adventures of Tom Stapleton; Done Into Thirty-Two Stanzas Of Superlative Verse, By A Goodfellow. With A Goodly Number Of Illustrations]; illustrated newspaper. Sheet size (80 x 31.5 cm). No date.

Folded newspaper sheet featuring eleven scenes and verse signed “D.C.J” and “Roberts”. From top to bottom, left to right “Mary Anson Before the Justice” with image of poorly dressed woman before a large Justice seated at a desk; there is a crowd of men surrounding her; “Mary Anson At Mrs. Gallanan’s” with image of two women in a parlor with numerous framed artwork on the wall and decorated upholstery, draperies and carpets; “O'Hara's Treat” interior scene with three men seated at a table; to the right is a fireplace and mantle; on the wall are framed images, one of people boxing; “The Fire Alarm” with image of a crowd men of falling down a staircase; to the right a man is emerging from a door; “Mons. Lavar Dying Of Starvation” interior scene with three men, one carrying a candlestick, one looking down at a man huddled on a mattress; “Stapleton Rescuing Lucy Livingston From The Dog” scene with a man holding back a rabid dog on a worn path; the woman holds her arms up; “The Crockery Scene” with image of a woman emerging from a box; surrounding her is a crowd of surprised looking men and a woman; “Count Delauney In The Box” with image of a man caught on a fence, beside him is a man with a stick, another man pins down a man in the street with his feet while a third person tries to calm him; to the left is a large box; “An Upper And Lower Crust Loafer” interior scene with two men dancing; “Loafer's Hall” interior scene where a man plays the fiddle to the right and numerous men are raising glasses and singing a “Reward” sign is on the wall; “Tom Introduced To Lady Cicilia Manners” image of a ballroom with numerous well-dressed people; to the right a woman with a fan and headdress is being introduced to a man; to the left a man looks on with a monocle and a lady at his arm.


Enlarge partial scan of 6 of 12 images]




Box 7 Folder 8 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [The Glorious Adventures of Tom Stapleton; Done Into Thirty-Two Stanzas Of Superlative Verse, By A Goodfellow. With A Goodly Number Of Illustrations (continued)]; illustrated newspaper. Sheet size (80 x 31.5 cm). No date.

Folded newspaper sheet featuring twelve scenes and verse, many of them signed “D.C.J. and “Roberts”; from top to bottom left to right “Delauney Stapleton’s Apartment” interior scene with men fighting in front of a fireplace; a man and a revolver are on the floor; two men hold back a third men and there are additional men in the doorway; “Delauney Prevent from Shooting Lady Cecilia” with interior scene of a woman in front of a piano and a man holding down a gun; on the wall is framed artwork and statuary to the right; “Fitz Roy Passing Himself for Stapleton” scene with numerous men seated at a long table; one man stands with a bottle in his hands; “Flora Willoughby’s Servant man” with image of an African-American man polishing a saddle on his lap, a dog is seated to his left and watching him from behind a house is a man in a cape; “Love in a Tempest” with a man saving a woman in a river on a horse; a second man is swimming towards them; “O’Hara Turned Magician” interior scene with a man on a stage surrounded by skulls; smoke billows out of a pot before him and he carries a wand; numerous men and women sit in the audience surrounding him; “Love in a Ball Room” with image of men and women in a ball room, numerous men sing with a woman at a pianoforte, to the left and right women are being courted by men; “Count Delany Popping the Question” with interior scene of a woman seated in a chaise in front of a framed picture of a mother and child; a man to her right on bended knee; a second man looks in from an open doorway; “An Election Breeze” with interior scene of angry men fighting; one man stands on a stage to the right; “An Election Argument” interior scene of a taproom with men fighting, some have raised mugs, two men to the right try to quiet the others; “Music Hath  Charms to Sooth the savage Breast” street scene with men and women, some laughing some fighting, in a window above is a man holding a baby; to the right is a woman playing a harp. Engraving is signed “Strong Sc.” Note: image is signed at top “This picture a present for you children”.





Box 7 Folder 9 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [The Fruiterer at the Old South Church in Washington Street – Drawn by D.C. Johnston]; illustrated newspaper. Sheet size (17.5 x 26 cm). 1843.

Three copies of image cut from newspapers featuring an older seated man with the “Boston Times” in his lap looking at a young boy who is handling a piece of fruit; there are numerous stalls which are labeled “Root Beer and Pop” and “Ginger Beer” as well as fruit; a dog emerges from under the table; accompanying one copy of the newspaper is a story of “Edward Leonard: The Fruit Seller of the Old South” with story; note on file indicates it is from the Boston Notion [click here for AAS catalog record] from May 20, 1843. See Box 8 Folder 65 and Box 3 Folder 19.






Box 7 Folder 10 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Series of Comical Designs; executed for the Boston Notion by D.C. Johnston the Cruikshank of the New World]; illustrated newspaper. (34.5 x 13.5 cm). 1841.

Image of three separate scenes. Labeled No 7-No 10”; No. 7 “Domestic Economy” features a short man or boy in clothes, hat and shoes which are too big for him; No. 8 “Friends Dropping Off” features a poor man walking away from a scene where numerous men are hanging; “No. 9” The Bearer’s Noose May be Depended On” featuring a man with long sideburns and buttoned coat holding a noose in his hands and facing the viewer; No. 10 “Pot Valiant” features a stout man with a handled-pot on his head and stick in his hand. Scene beneath is called “An Anti-Tee-Total Trio Taking a Parting ‘Drop’” with image of three men walking arm and arm outside; caption beneath reads “We wont’ go home till morning,’ –hic! To night we will merry be, to-morrow we’ll be sober’-demme!”; note on file indicates is from the Boston Notion April 10, 1841 [see AAS catalog record here for Boston Notion newspaper].




Enlarge [partial scan]


Box 7 Folder 11 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Scraps by Johnston]; illustrated newspaper. (45.5 x 7 cm). 1841.

Illustrated newspaper column titled “Scraps by Johnston” featuring “Ready for next Dance” with an awkward-looking man fixing his sleeves next to a chair; “Lock ou the Understanding” with an image of an ass kicking his leg backward and yelling out; “Slippery Times” an image of a skinny man falling on top of a large man; “Gone past reforming” with an image of a man looking in a mirror with boils on his nose; “Pot Valiant” with an image of a man with handled pot on his head and stick in his hand; “Bar Practice” with an image of a man with a large hat looking right a cup in his hands; “Taking Himself Off” with an image of a man drawing himself while looking in a mirror.




Box 7 Folder 12 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Series of Comical Designs; executed for the Boston Notion by D.C. Johnston the Cruikshank of the New World]; illustrated newspaper. (32.5 x 16 cm). 1841.

Illustrated newspaper with images No.1-No. 6 labeled as follows: No. 1 “Antique Design” features two cherubs on top of each other facing opposite directions playing with a toy; No. 2 “Hobson’s Choice” with portrait of a man with long hair and moustache wearing a broken hat; No. 3 “Bar Practice” with image of a man looking right with a cup in his hands; No. 4 “Severe Spoon Exercise” with image of a man seated holding his hand to his mouth and eating from a bowl of soup billowing steam; No. 5 “Taking Himself Off” with image of an artist looking into a mirror and drawing himself’ No. 6 “Splendid Harrison Bawl” with an image of a man calling out “Hurrah for old tip”.





Box 7 Folder 13 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [The Lords Spiritual and Temporal]; newspaper illustration. (17 x 12.5 cm). 1842.

Interior scene featuring a man in robes and a wig seated behind a curtained area; in front of him is a man standing at a table; there are numerous men seated and standing, some asleep, surrounding the table, one is reading a copy of “Morning Post”. Note on file indicates image is from the Quarto Boston Notion Vol. 1 No. 46 Saturday, August 20, 1842. AAS Catalog record available here.



Box 7 Folder 14 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Distribution of the Spoils]; newspaper illustration. (26.5 x 16.5 cm). 1842.

Newspaper article and illustration featuring African men outside a columned structure pulling apart what appears to be a sheep; some of them are fighting and some are lying on the ground. Note on file indicates image is from Boston Notion Quarto Vol. 1 No. 47 Saturday, August 27, 1842. Initials in illustration read “D.C. J.” AAS Catalog record available here.



Box 7 Folder 15 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [A New Novel by Captain Marryatt]; newspaper illustration. (13 x 12 cm). 1841.

Bust portrait featuring Captain Marryat (Captain Frederick Marryat 1792-1848) looking and facing right; he is smoking. He is wearing a white collared shirt. Note on file indicates image is from the Boston Notion April 10, 1841. [see AAS catalog record here for Boston Notion].



Box 7 Folder 16 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Cover for Brother Jonathan]; newspaper. (30 x 21 cm). 1843.

Decorative header featuring scrolls surrounding the title “Brother Jonathan”; also included in decoration is an image of a man holding an open book labeled “Brother Jonathan”, a woman writing sheet music, a woman painting and several cherubs pulling tassels which support the title. From New York, February 22, 1843. AAS Catalog record available here.


Enlarge [partial scan only]


Box 7 Folder 17 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Masthead for Boston Notion]; illustrated newspaper masthead. (15 x 60.5 cm). 1840.

Masthead for paper for June 20, 1840 featuring the letters for BOSTON NOTION illustrated with figures reading or displaying several sections (in the style of acrostic) of the paper including Boston Notions, Oddities, Scraps and Sketches, Theatre, Odes, News, Naval, Opera, Travels, Important if True, Official Intelligence and Notice. Central in the masthead is an image of giraffes holding up a copy of the Boston Notion in front of a large crowd. The paper is inscribed “[J.? A.?] Smith Concord.” [see AAS catalog record here for Boston Notion].


Enlarge [partial scan only]


Box 7 Folder 18 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Masthead for Boston Notion]; illustrated newspaper masthead. (15.5 x 60.5 cm). 1841.

Masthead for the paper for May 1, 1841; variant of masthead for Box 7 Folder 17; image features figures crawling over the decorated letters BOSTON NOTION carrying pieces of paper or bags labeled: Tales, Oddities, Sonnets, Epigrams, Foreign Correspondence, Gunard’s Line, Notions Express Line, Latest News, Extra, Copy. Central in the image is an interior domestic scene with a woman holding a baby in her arms; a man puts his feet up on a stool to the right and there are several children unfolding the large newspaper, one crawling over it; there are framed images on the walls and on the table a copy of Scraps and the Times. Copy is inscribed at top “Julius M. Smith”. [see AAS catalog record here for Boston Notion].




Box 7 Folder 19 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Masthead for Boston Notion]; illustrated newspaper masthead. (13.5 x 58.5 cm). 1841.

Second copy of the masthead in Box 7 Folder 18.



Box 7 Folder 20 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). [Portrait of an unknown man]; lithograph. (28 x 22 cm). No date.

Portrait from the waist of a man facing left, turned towards the viewer; he is wearing a coat with buttons and a white shirt with the collar up; his hair is combed over to the right, he has sideburns and a mole on his cheek; the chair he is leaning on is labeled “D.C. Johnston delt.” Note in reverse indicates “Actor in Federal St. Theatre Boston circa 1830”.




Box 7 Folder 21 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). Mr. Johnston as Crack; lithograph. (46 x 30.5 cm). No date.

Full portrait of a man wearing a heavy coat with large pockets and lined with fur and a scarf around his neck facing the viewer. He is holding a handled whip; he is wearing a light-colored hat with a large brim and holes in his socks. Title is annotated beneath “ ‘Now I’m a kind of Bond-street man of fashion.’ Turnpike gate, Ac. 1 Sc. 2” Annotated beneath in pencil “By DC Johnston”


Box 7 Folder 22 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865). Characters in the Polly Packet as Represented by Mr. Mathews; engraving. (22 x 18 cm). No date.

Image of seven figures standing in an interior with an arch above and either paneled walls or a curtain behind them. The figures are labeled beneath (with text) as: No. 1 Mr. Mathews, 2. Theophilus Tulip "Ma! O! Ma I want to be so sick!" 3. Major Longbow ‘There’s Muscle’ 4. Dan O’ Rourke That major’s like a fish-woman always crying muscle 5. Isaac Tabinett “Ven a man’s all covered mit laces a little ting ruffles him 6. Mrs. Tulip Theophilus ‘my love! Where is the dear child’ 7. Mons Jeu-Singe “O I am so sicks”

Imprint information appears beneath “Sketched (from memory) Engraved & Published by D.C. Johnston.” Many of the figures are in costume. From left, the man labeled 2. has his hand on his forehead and hat in hand, the figure labeled 3. is wearing a long overcoat, high boots, with one leg extended a fist and has his hair tied back. Figure 4. is wearing a tall hat and puts an object over his right shoulder. Figure 5. has a hat and a long beard and is peering towards the viewer out of the corner of his eye. Figure 6 is a man dressed as a woman in a gown with a tall hat with feathers and figure 7. is in a tricorn hat, overcoat and holds a bowl and spoon and is bent forward. Behind him is a table with a crate atop and an animal enclosed.

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