Box 13

Johnston Family Large Format Pencil and Charcoal





Box 13 Folder 1 Johnston, David Claypoole (1799-1865) attributed. [Portrait of a young woman, Mrs. Mary P. Johnston Cartwright]; charcoal. (56 x 48 cm). No date.

Portrait from the neck of a young woman looking right; her dark hair is pulled off her face and pinned up; image is highlighted with white chalk. Note in file indicates the woman may be J[M?] Cartwright Jr.; additional information in Misc. Mss "Johnston" Box 3 Folder 5 folder which has cabinet card labeled "Mrs. Mary P. Johnston Cartwright" (1840-1878) on reverse.








Box 13 Folder 2 Unknown artist. [Portrait of a young girl]; charcoal. (50 x 40 cm). No date.

Bust portrait of a young girl turned left smiling, eyes facing the viewer; her hair is down and cascades past her shoulders; tied around her neck is a crucifix.






Box 13 Folder 3 Unknown artist. [Portrait of a young boy]; charcoal. (61 x 50 cm). No date.

Bust portrait of a young boy facing right, head slightly turned down; he has full dark hair swept over his forehead and is wearing a shirt with a front button on his upper collar; image is bordered in brown matte.





Box 13 Folder 4 Johnston, Sarah J. F. (1850-1925) attributed. [Portrait of a woman, Charlotte C. Johnston, facing right]; charcoal. (16 ½ x 11 cm). No date.

Bust portrait of a woman facing right wearing a high-collared lace blouse and necklace with a cross; she has her hair pulled back. Note: image appears to be a sketch for drawing in Box 17 Folder 17.

Note: image is believed to be Charlotte inferred from photograph and notation in Misc. Mss. Johnston, David C. Box 3 Folder 5.


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