Other Drawings at AAS

Consider other AAS Collections which house un-inventoried drawings:


Architectural drawings
Bookplate drawings (i.e. Dorothy Sturgis)
Calling Card Collection
Cross Collection (Manuscript and book)
David Claypool Johnston Collection exhibition
Drawing books – (for example SB Drawing F817s 1835 F series of progressive drawings or The American drawing-book SB Drawing C466am 1858 F)
George Dubois Family Collection
Hand-drawn manuscript maps (for example Lancaster, MA) Note: check card file in library
Louis Maurer Collection
Manuscript collection (for example mss + sketchbook) (or the Marion Boyd Allen Diary) (or the David A. Burr Papers in addition to others)
The McLoughlin Bros. Archival Drawings and Prints
Pennsylvania-German Frakturs
Sidney L. Smith Collection
Solomon Willard's drawings of the Bunker Hill Monument
Valentines Collection



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