The American Antiquarian Society’s drawings collection consists of over 550 drawings in graphite, pen, ink and wash, chalk, watercolor and charcoal ranging in size from items used as bookmarks to large landscapes intended for display in the home; there are also over a dozen sketchbooks. The collection ranges from the late 1700s to the early 20th century, with the bulk dating from the mid-19th century.

This site offers several ways of using the collection and inventory:

Browse by Box allows you to browse the collection by size. On these pages you can view thumbnails of the drawings contained within each box, a description of the item, size, date and acquisition information. Click Enlarge to view a research-size reference image of the drawing.
Some boxes contain the work of one artist, including drawings by John Warner Barber, Alfred Carleton, Alonzo Chappel, Augustus Hoppin, Sir Henry James Warre, and four boxes by Catherine Wyman. All artists in the collection are listed in the Artist Index which links to that artist’s works in the inventoried boxes. Also on this page is a Sitter Index which links to the portrait subjects.
The Browse by Subject lists which type of items are contained within each box.
The collection contains genre scenes, landscapes, portraits, still-life images, marine, buildings, cities and decorative pieces.




Users may Search here using the downloadable PDF to find specific keywords in the Drawings Collection Inventory.
There are some drawn works which were not inventoried as part of the “Drawings Collection” as they are largely contained within other Society collections. A listing of such collections is available on the Other Drawings at AAS page.
The Prep for Print page is divided into two sections: 1) items which were created as preliminary work for publication and 2) items where a print was used as a source for student drawings. Each section is divided into works where publication information is known and where publication information is not known. A hyperlink is supplied to the AAS catalog for a print version of the item.


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