Box 7




Box 7

Folder 1 B.E. [Image of a water landscape with two figures]; Charcoal. (10 ¾ x 10 in) (27 x 25 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: C 1] Enlarge

Landscape image drawn from the waters edge. In the foreground are rocks and plants, in the background hills and trees. To the left is a large tree with numerous branches. Underneath, two women figures, perhaps nude, are under its shade. The one standing covers herself, the one sitting has her back to the viewer. Slight reflections of the two women are visible in the water. 

Folder 2 Spragell. [Portrait of Edward Everett Hale]; Charcoal. (7 x 5 3/8 in) (18 x 13 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: C 14] Enlarge

Bust portrait of an older Edward Everett Hale turned slightly left. He has a full beard, has wrinkles on his forehead and under his eyes and is balding; he is wearing a dark jacket and dark shirt with a white collar. The reverse has a profile study of Hale. Note: image looks as though it was done by the same artist as the Hale in Box 3 Folder 1.

Folder 3 Unknown artist. [Portrait of Calvin Coolidge from Copyrighted plate by Underwood & Underwood]; Charcoal. (12 x 8 ¾ in) (30 ½ x 22 cm). No date. [Old number: C 21] Enlarge

Bust portrait of Calvin Coolidge facing the viewer. He has close cropped hair, a young face and is wearing a black jacket, a shirt and tie. His face is shadowed with charcoal lines. The image is bordered in charcoal. Note: reverse has charcoal study of an eye. Item is stamped on reverse: Feb 3 1925.




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