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Box 6

Folder 1 Gladwin, George E. (1829-1920). [Image of a landscape in the spring]; Watercolor. (7 1/8 x 5 ½ in) (18 x 14 cm). No date. [Old number: W 8] Enlarge

Landscape view of a country road fading over the horizon with extended sky. On the far side of the road is a stone wall and trees in bloom with pink blooms. In the background are additional trees. Note: George E. Gladwin was the first professor of drawing at Worcester Polytechnic Institute from the years 1869-1896; he married in Boylston in 1866. Other samples of Gladwin’s work are in Archives and Special Collections, WPI.

Folder 2 Unknown artist. [Image of a flower bouquet]; Watercolor. (5 7/8 x 6 ¾ in) (15 x 17 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: W 23] Enlarge

Image of bouquet of several blue columbine flowers and buds; also includes small golden lilies of the valley and pink sweet peas. The bouquet is tied with a blue bow. Note: watercolor found in newspaper volume.

Folder 3 [Master Foster schoolmaster, East Leverett?]. [Birth card for Prudence W. Keet]; Pen and Watercolor. (8 x 5 7/8 in) (20 x 15 cm). 1816. Gift of Mrs. Burton N. Gates, 15 Oct 1974. [Old number: W 53] Enlarge

Image of an ornamental decorated piece of sculpture inscribed: “Miss Prudence W. Keet was born in Deerfield Jan. 26, 1816.” Initials at base of sculpture: “P.W.” on the left and “K.” on the right. Underneath the sculpture are two layers of brick. The ornamentation is colored in yellow, green, gray, red and pink and the decorative embellishments surrounding it are made up of birds and flourishes. Note: the image is bordered in pen. Manuscript notation on attached card from Mrs Ira Boynton Nov. 20 1920.

Folder 4 Unknown artist. [Images of four views of the White Mountains]; Watercolor. All four same size: (3 5/8 x 2 3/8 in) (9 ½ x 6 cm). No date. Gift of David Tatham 7 September 2007. [Old number: W 58] Enlarge

First image titled “Flume Franconia” features an upward view from the base of a gorge, rocks on the left have red hue, rocks on the right are brown and covered in moss; there are trees in background.  The second image is titled “Profile Mountain Franconia” and features the rock formation the ‘Old Man on the Mountain’ set in the distant Cannon Mountain. In the foreground are trees and the base of a lake with a boat. The third image is taken from the base of a waterfall and is titled “Artists fall Conway.” In the image the water tumbles over a series of rocks. The fourth image is “The Notch Mt. Webster” featuring a path among two sides of rock. In the distance is the peak of a mountain. Note: each of the images is set in a circular rectangle.

Folder 5 Unknown artist. [Landscape with lake]; Watercolor. (3 5/8 x 5 in) (9 ½ x 13 ½ cm). No date. Gift of Ruth E. Adomeit 3 September 1996. [Old number: W 59] Enlarge

Landscape view taken from the shore of a lake looking upward. To the left is part of a house with a tree, to the right side is a grove of trees atop a ledge. In the distance in light blue are trees and a steepled building. Note: image appears to have been folded and used as a book cover, has blue string laced in centerfold.

Folder 6 Nixon, T. [Portrait of an unidentified man]; Watercolor. (5 x 4 1/8 in) (12 ½ x 10 ½ cm). ca. 1810. [Old number: W 37] Enlarge

Waist portrait of a man facing left. He is wearing a black coat and a white collared shirt with ruffles. His hair is combed and slightly messy in the front. Manuscript notation on back says: “Found, laid in a pamphlet source unknown, Nixon was a printer about 1810” Illegible manuscript notation is written very lightly in pencil at the top.

Folder 7 Kinsley, Eliza. [Image of Elk]; Watercolor. (4 x 2 7/8 in) (10 x 7 ½ cm). ca. 1832. [Old number: W 31] Enlarge

Image of two elk by a stream; the one to the left is bending over drinking from the stream, the one to the right is standing facing the viewer with a birch tree behind him.  Both have large sets of antlers.  Manuscript notation at bottom reads: “This was painted when a schoolgirl by E.A. Kinsley for her sister Mary Stiles” Note on back reads: “M P Stiles” and “painted about 1832 by Eliza P.” Note on file indicates that Kinsley is from Nashua, New Hampshire.

Folder 8 Unknown artist. [Portrait of Amos Wetherbee]; Watercolor. (4 x 3 ½ in) (10 x 9 cm). No date. Gift of Franklin P. Rice 19 Dec. 1917. [Old number: W 35] Enlarge

Miniature portrait profile from the elbow of a man facing left. His hair is combed towards the front and his bangs are curled, he has long sideburns and a prominent chin. He is wearing a navy blue coat and collared white shirt. The image is surrounded by a blue oval. Brush testings in black and pink along the right hand side. Manuscript notation on back reads: “Amos Wetherbee.” Notes with image provide biographical information on Wetherbee. Note on file indicates Amos Wetherbee was born in Ashburnham, Mass on March 6, 1798, Married August 31, 1824 Sarah Maynard. They removed to Lowell, where he died Jan. 2, 1841. In Lowell he was a constable and later connected with the post office (Ashburnham and Lowell Vital records).

Folder 9 Unknown artist. [Portrait of Sarah M[aynard] Wetherbee]; Watercolor. (4 1/8 x 3 ½ in) (10 ½ x 9 cm). No date. Gift of Franklin P. Rice 19 Dec. 1917. [Old number: W 36] Enlarge

Miniature portrait profile from the elbow of a woman facing right. Her hair is combed back and done up in twists on the top of her head; a large comb keeps the hair in place. She is wearing a red beaded earring, a black dress with white trimmed ruffles and a light blue bow around the collar. The image is surrounded by a blue oval. Manuscript notation on back reads: “Sarah M. Wetherbee.”

Folder 10 Unknown artist. [Portrait of an unidentified man]; Watercolor. (6 x 3 3/8 in) (15 x 8 ½ cm). No date. Gift of G.H. Taylor Sept. 30, 1933. [Old number: W 38] Enlarge

Waist portrait of a man with a beard facing right, his chin is tilted down but he stares up. He is wearing a black top hat and a plaid brown coat with inner vest; his tie is black and blue. Manuscript notation on back reads “Found in [New York?] where the owner said it was Abraham Lincoln, rather doubtful.”

Folder 11 Unknown artist. [Caricature portrait of James Gordon Bennett, the Elder]; Watercolor. Image: (6 x 3 ¾ in) (15 x 9 ½ cm). Cardstock: (6 5/8 x 4 ½ in) (17 x 11 cm). No date. [Old number: W 40] Enlarge

Caricature portrait of a man leaning slightly forward, knees bent, towards the viewer. He wears a gray and white wig, has heavy eyebrows and a solemn look on his face; he has his hands behind his back.  He is wearing a green tailcoat, a long white buttoned vest, a high collared shirt and grey breeches. Note: image mounted on cardstock.

Folder 12 Unknown artist. [Cartoon portrait of an unidentified man]; Watercolor. Image: (4 ½ x 4 1/2 in) (11 x 11 cm). Cardstock: (6 x 6 in) (15 x 15 cm). No date. [Old number: W 43] Enlarge

Cartoon bust portrait of a man looking left; visible is his hand on the top of a cane. The man has a large nose, full lips and straight brown hair combed forward. He is wearing a thick navy blue coat lined with gray and a white collared shirt. Behind him are red drapery and a gray wall. Note: image mounted on cardstock.

Folder 13 Unknown artist. [Portrait of an unidentified man in hat with book]; Watercolor and Ink. (4 ½ x 3 ¼ in) (11 ½ x 8 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: W 45] Enlarge

Portrait of a man from the waist outlined in black ink reading from an open white book. The man is in a chair facing left. He is wearing glasses, has on a thick brown coat and blue scarf and a grey top hat.

Folder 14 Unknown artist. [Portrait of Major Hiller]; Watercolor. (3 7/8 x 3 1/8 in) (10 x 8 cm). No date. [Old number: W 50] Enlarge

Waist portrait of a man looking left. His face is shadowed, his long grey hair tied at the nape of his neck; he has wrinkles around his eyes. Sitter is wearing a black coat and a white collared shirt with grey ruffles. The image is outlined lightly in a grey oval. Note: there are four pin marks in the corners.

Folder 15 Edmands, C.S. [Image of a couple by a well]; Watercolor. (2 ¼ x 3 in) (5 ½ x 7 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: W 7] Enlarge

Miniature landscape image with figures walking towards a well; the woman is in a pink dress, the man a blue coat.  The well is inscribed: “Friendship.” In front of the well is a brown animal. A large tree’s branch extends over the scene. Text at bottom text reads: “C.S. Edmands, Del. & Artist.” Note: the image is painted on silk.

Folder 16 Unknown artist. [Image of a snowy landscape with birds]; Watercolor. (2 5/8 x 3 ½ in) (6 ½ x 9 cm). No date. [Old number: W 25] Enlarge

Landscape image of snow-filled field at sunset; bare trees are on the left, birds fly on the horizon. A fence is in the distance on the right. Layer of sparkle pigment covers the snow.

Folder 17 Unknown artist. [Peacock]; Watercolor. (2 5/8 x 3 ½ in) (6 ½ x 9 cm). ca 18th century. [Old number: W 28] Enlarge

Image of a peacock on top of a small hill; he has a yellow breast and a red wing. Black feathers surround his body. A yellow band borders the image; inside the band are black and red triangles. Note: the pigment may have turned from blue to black. Image found in: Catechismus, oder Anfänglicher Unterricht christlicher Glaubens-Lehre by Christopher Schultz, Philadelphia, 1763.

Folder 18 Unknown artist. One of the Chincha Islands – for Mr. Farris; Watercolor. (2 ¼ x 4 ½ in) (6 x 11 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: W 29] Enlarge

Image of an island with numerous golden brown hills and brown beaches, in the water in front of the island is a green ship with three masts. On the island are several timber structures and two paths leading up to one of them with a docked ship. Note: item removed from the Shaw-Webb Family Papers in the Manuscript collection.

Folder 19 Unknown artist. [Image of Lilies]; Watercolor. (6 x 5 in) (15 x 12 ½  cm). No date. [Old number: W 30] Enlarge

Image of a bouquet of lilies tied very loosely at end with a pink bow. Image features three flowers in full bloom and several buds; the flowers have many of their leaves. Four faces can be seen in the flowers – one at the top, two to the left and one to the right. Text at bottom reads: “Lilies in which are represented profile likenesses of Louis 18, Mons, Le Comte D’Artois, his brother; the Dutchess D’Angonteme, daughter of Louis 16; and the Duke D’Angouleme her husband. Lilies are the ancient arms of France.” Note: the image has two holes on the left side of the paper.

Folder 20 Unknown artist. [Place card for Mr. Taylor]; Watercolor and Ink. (1 7/8 x 3 3/8 in) (5 x 8 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: W 32] Enlarge

Place card with image of a woman with orange shirt, white pants and pink socks churning the handle of a machine. The machine has two gears and has produced three globes which are floating in the air under the words “Mr. Taylor.” In the globes are North and South America.

Folder 21 Unknown artist. [Landscape with water and dunes]; Watercolor. (3 ½ x 4 5/8 in) (9 x 11 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: No old number] Enlarge

Unspecific landscape featuring rocks and a waterway, dunes and vegetation to the left and right of the water. In the distance is a grove of trees. Note: image found in a children’s book.

Folder 22 [Vanduk? Br. & List?]. [Decorative image for Juliana Steinman with ribbon and flowers]; Watercolor and Ink. (4 5/8 x 5 7/8 in) (11 ½ x 15 cm). 1798. [Old number: No old number] Enlarge

Decorative wreath encircling a quotation which reads, “The Lord bless thee, and keep the; the Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: the lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give the peace. Num. 6. April the 5th 1798. from your friends Br. & List Vanduk.” Written above the border is, “Juliana Steinman.” The wreath is made up of red roses, blue dairies, laurel and a ribbon. Surrounding the circle is a rectangular shaped blue border. Notation on reverse reads: “[No?] 76” Note: the image has been folded and taped.




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