Box 4





Box 4

Folder 1 Glasgow, David. Falls of Saint Anthony, Minnesota; Pen, Ink and Wash. (2 7/8 x 4 in) (7 ½ x 10 cm). No date. [Old number: PIW 3] Enlarge

Image from the base of waterfalls; suspension bridge and trees in background. Trees, rocks and debris in foreground at foot of the falls. Removed from the Charles Henry Taylor Collection. Manuscript note on back states: “original wash drawing by David Glasgow, who drew on stone for the Endicott firm”

Folder 2 Atwater, Lyman Wetmore (1835-1891). [Three men and a dog]; Pen, Ink and Wash. (5 3/8 x 7 ½ in) (13 ½ x 19 cm). No date. [Old number: PIW 4] Enlarge

Interior scene in front of a large fireplace. Three men sitting, in the background a woman is in a doorway. One man to the left, bearded with long hair and a cloak, sits closest to the fireplace and smokes a pipe; two others sit at a table drinking. A terrier sits in front of one of the men.
Notations at the bottom of the drawing read: “Dandie Dinmont – ‘“A bonny terrier that, sir – and a fell chield at vermin, I warrant him” – Guy Mannering – Chap. 22.’ Manuscript materials on reverse: “8873” and “original wash drawing by L.W. Atwater who drew on stone for the Endicott firm” Embossed stamp reads: “Rhoads & Sons London”
Note: apparently illustration for Sir Walter Scott’s Guy Mannering. Removed from Charles Henry Taylor Collection on American lithography.

Folder 3 Barry, C. W. The Lost ship; Pen sketch. (7 ¼ x 5 ¼ in) (18 ½ x 13 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: PIW 6] Enlarge

Exterior view of two men talking. The one on the left is older, bearded and bald; his hat is in hand and he uses a cane. A second man is on the right. He is younger, bearded and wears a hat and overcoat; his left hand is in his pocket. Behind them are several ship masts. Image bordered in pencil.

Folder 4 Leslie, Charles Robert (1794-1859). Frontispiece for Mnemonika; Pen & wash. (6 ¼ x 4 3/8 in) (16 x 11 cm). ca. 1812. [Old number: PIW 14] Enlarge

Allegorical image featuring Columbia to the left in robe and liberty cap. She is seated in a circle pulling back the curtain on a monument. A bust, easel and harp are at the foot of the circle, atop is a book with a lit lamp against a backdrop of clouds. Image is frontispiece for Mnemonika: or Chronological Tables. Baltimore, 1812. Signed in the lower left CR Leslie. Pen drawing on back features enlarged monument and lists the names on the monument which are not as legible on the front: M. Angelo, Shakspeare, Newton, Garrick, Washington, Franklin, Homer, Phidias, Plato, Cicero, Caesar; is topped with T Genius. 

Folder 5 Unknown artist. The foolish tortoise wants to fly; Pen, Ink and Wash. (7 ½ x 5 ¾ in) (19 x 14 ½ cm). ca. 1789. [Old number: PIW 21] Enlarge

Full profiles of a man and woman facing each other and drinking out of stemmed glasses; both wear colonial clothing, the woman’s skirt is striped and she wears a hooded cape. The floor they stand on is black and white tiled. Woman’s cape is red watercolor and man’s long coat is same color. The liquid in both glasses is the same shade of red; the man carries a red tray with two other stemmed glasses. His coat and shirt have buttons. Above them in a semicircle is an eagle with a large wingspan holding onto a tortoise’s back. Birds are faintly drawn in pen on upper left and right hand corners. Manuscript along semi-circle reads “The foolish Tortoise wants to fly; The Eagle mounts him up on high; then lets him fall and die.” At bottom reads “East Winsor. 1789” other markings appear to be scratched out. Faint red border along the side. Backed on what appears to be an issue of the Water Cure Journal.

Folder 6 [Thomas, Isaiah (1749-1831)] [Thomas’s Third Worcester Edition]; Pen and Ink. (7 ½ x 5 ¾ in) (19 x 14 ½ cm). ca. 1788. [Old number: PIW 25] Enlarge

Three rows of independent scenes with one heavy border. The top image is of a man laying back in a chair striking a young boy who lays horizontally. Another boy holding a book stands alongside the man and two boys are in the left hand corner at a desk. Four hats are on the wall. The second scene below the first features a woman on the left with a book in her lap surrounded by four other women. Two other women are on the right; one doing washing, one looking at the viewer. The bottom scene features six males playing. One to the right throws something in a stone circle while another kneels and throws. Two others have their hands in their pockets; one runs with a kite. An area on the lower right appears left for printers marks. Annotated in pencil: “Perry’s Spelling Book 1788” Image is frontispiece to Thomas’s Third Worcester Edition of The only sure guide to the English tongue by William Perry. Worcester, 1788. 

Folder 7 Smith, Elizabeth Prescott (1830-1849). Evora; Pen, Ink and Wash. (8 1/8 x 6 5/8 in) (21 x 16 ½ cm). ca. 1848. [Old number: PIW 28] Enlarge

Bust length profile portrait of a woman turned to the right. The woman has dark hair pinned back and a full face. She appears to be wearing no clothing excepting for a white cloth which she holds across her chest. On her left arm appears to be a band. The portrait is set in an oval and then heavily bordered with a dark rectangular frame. Manuscript notation on back says:
“By Elizabeth Smith Sutton
Elizabeth Prescot Smith b Sutton Dec 2, 1830
d Providence Dec 29 1849
Daughter of Dr David S.C.H. and Lucy (Hale) Smith
See History of Sutton p 316-318.”

Folder 8 Unknown artist. [Moses and Aaron]; Pen and Ink. Sheet size: (7 1/8 x 5 ¾ in) (18 x 12 cm). Card size: (8 ½ x 6 in) (21 ½ x 15 cm) no date. [Old number: PIW 29] Enlarge

Religious image of bearded Moses on the right, raising his arm, index finger extended toward the sky. To his left is Aaron kneeling; he wears a scarf around his head. Image is mounted on a piece of cardstock.

Folder 9 Penniman, John Ritto (1782-1841). Perspective Diagram; Pen, Ink and Wash. Irregular size, dimensions taken from longest points (7 x 8 7/8 in) (18 x 22 cm). 1820. [Old number: PIW 33] Enlarge

Irregular pentagon; image features a drawing demonstrating perspective. Faint pencil markings meet at a single horizontal point and come forward, three shades of gray color several of the rectangular blocks.

Folder 10 Penniman, John Ritto (1782-1841). [Design for Seal of Massachusetts]; Pen, Ink and Wash. (5 ½ x 7 ½ in) (14 x 19 cm). 1820. Gift of Charles H. Taylor, 1934. [Old number: PIW 34] Enlarge

Allegorical image of an American Indian featured in the center holding a bow, an arrow is in his opposite hand. Below him is an anchor and shafts of grain; to the left are factories with a billowing smoke stack and ship masts; to the right is an elevated train against buildings. Above the image is the hand of a coat of armor with sword.  Note: used on map printed in 1844. Slightly irregular size piece of paper.

Folder 11 Unknown artist. [Decorative image inscribed to Horace S. Martin and Mary Ann Bartine]; Pen and Ink. (5 ½ x 7 ½ in) (14 x 19 cm). 1820. [Old number: PIW 37] Enlarge 

Decorative image with flourishes at top of paper and a centered wreath; below are two columns with human faces, urns balanced on top of their heads. In the center of two columns are plants and above them the words: “Horace S. Martin Was born January 21st A.D. 1792. Mary-Ann Bartine Was born June 9th, A.D. 1801.”

Folder 12 Unknown artist. [Four faces to be seen…]; Pen and Ink. (4 7/8 x 4 3/8 in) (12 ½ x 11 cm). No date. [Old number: PIW 38] Enlarge

Image enclosed in circle; two bundles of flowers outside of circle in the upper left and right corners. Image inside is of a decorated urn with a dome; several areas highlighted green, yellow or pink color. Two trees grow into the scene. Text outside circle reads: “Four faces to be seen in Profiles contemplating over an Urn” the world profiles is underlined several times; flourishes accompany lower text on both sides.

Folder 13 Unknown artist. The Golden Gem; Pen and Ink. (7 ¾ x 6 3/8 in) (19 ½ x 16 ½ cm). 1857. [Old number: PIW 39] Enlarge 

Image and text on lined blue paper. Image at top is of a bird in flight with expanded wingspan; the word: “Excelsior” comes out of its mouth. Drawn with black and dark brown ink. Text underneath reads: “The Golden Gem Published by the members of the Deering Academy Oct. 30 1857. Nellie R. Gregg, Editress. Motto. Far down in the deep caves of the Ocean lie the pearls.” Words: “The Golden Gem” are written with heavy decoration; underneath those words are multiple flourishes. Words: “Nellie R. Gregg” is also decorated.

Folder 14 Bisbee. [To Trampuille 10 Miles Across Lots]; Pen and Ink. (2 1/8 x 2 7/8 in) (5 ½ x 7 cm). No date. Gift of G.L. Maxwell, April 5, 1935. [Old number: PIW 49] Enlarge

Political cartoon image of a man with torn clothing running away; tear in his pants reads: “To Trampuille 10 Miles Across Lots.” A caricature of another man with a wide mouth rips his leg off at the knee, the other foot left is heavily bandaged. The man running is being kicked by a boot which reads “C.O.D.” Says on verso faintly “119.” Removed from a piece of brown cardstock. Note on file indicates the title could possibly be, “Totrampuille.”

Folder 15 Arnold, Alfred. [Boy and Horse]; Pen and Ink. (1 3/8 x 2 1/2 in) (3 ½ x 6 ½ cm). No date. Gift of R.T. Kirkpatrick from the Estate of Marjorie Inman. [Old number: PIW 51] Enlarge

Bordered image with triangular corners of a boy in a hat riding a horse in profile. The horse is reined at the mouth and has a wide eye. Manuscript notation on back reads: “Alfred Arnold This was not drawn in school or on first day.”

Folder 16 Unknown artist. [Portrait of Davis Guild]; Pen, Ink and Wash. (6 1/8 x 5 3/8 in) (15 ½ x 13 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: PIW 53] Enlarge

Portrait from the waist up of a young man facing the viewer. He wears a black coat and tie, has dark hair is cropped and parted on the left and longer to the right. His mouth is turned up slightly in a smile. His right eye has eyelashes where his left eye does not; the left arm is tucked in his upper breast pocket. The image is bordered at the bottom in a heavy black wash. Manuscript notes on the back read: “Davis Guild b. August, Me. Dec. 30, 1838. d. Worcester son of Cyrus and Olive (Haskill) Guild. Gen Guild Genealogy p. 160, No. 678 By Burleigh.”

Folder 17 [Harris, Samuel (1783-1810)?]. [Portrait of Captain John Smith]; Pen, Ink and Wash. (4 7/8 x 3 ¾ in) (12 ½ x 9 ½ cm). No date. From the collection of Rev. William Bentley. [Old number: PIW 54] Enlarge

Portrait set in an oval of John Smith from the waist up. Portrait features Smith in chest armor with his right hand on the sheath of his sword, he has a beard and a long moustache. Manuscript says: “John Smith Admiral of N. England. At 37, AD 1616.” Numerous manuscript items on reverse. Stefanie Munsing Winkelbauer says in her essay, “William Bentley: Connoisseur and Print Collector” that Samuel Harris drew numerous portraits for William Bentley among which was one of John Smith (p. 27).

Folder 18 Unknown artist. Mount Vernon; Pen, Ink and Wash. (4 7/8 x 7 in) (12 ½ x 17 ½ cm). No date. Gift of C.E. Goodspeed. September 8, 1939. [Old number: no old number] Enlarge

Image featuring the exterior of Mount Vernon from the front entrance. Visible are several of the columns and the central cupola. An additional building can be seen through the trees to the right; a tall pine tree is to the left in front of the estate. Two people are walking in the foreground; one is a boy with a hoop and the other is a man with a long coat. The image is bordered in black ink and annotated in the lower right, "Mount Vernon". Manuscript notation on reverse reads, "A recent drawing on old paper perhaps a forgery, intended to sell as an early drawing. C.S.B. [Clarence S. Brigham]".




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