Box 21




Box 21

Porter, Isaac. [Portrait of Richard Mather]; Charcoal. (27 ¼ x 21 ½ in) (70 x 54 ½ cm). 1881. [Old number: C 6] Enlarge

Portrait of Richard Mather from the waist facing right looking forward at the viewer. He is wearing dark robes with a white collar and tassels; he has a full beard and a skull cap. He is holding an open book and a pair of eyeglasses. The verso of the open book has inscribed, “I Porter ’81” in the lower right. Note on file says:

Crayon portrait or Richard Mather, presented to AAS, July 9, 1947, by Miss Clara P. Smith of West Springfield, Massachusetts, daughter of Joseph Mather Smith. He inherited the picture from Lucy Mather, his aunt and the daughter of Horace E. Mather, author of the Mather Lineage, 1890.

Horace E. Mather had this crayon copied from the Richard Mather portrait in the Connecticut Historical Society, which had been copied by George F. Wright from the AAS original in 1854. He used it as the frontispiece in his Mather Lineage (see letter in AAS file, October 7, 1881).

The crayon was made by Isaac Porter in 1881.

G. Barnhill
August 2008




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