Box 20





Box 20

Various items from the Kate Wyman collection including:

Catalog description (4 pages)

Unknown artist. [Silhouette of Elizabeth Green Rose]; Cut image over leather. (4 5/8 x 3 ¾ in) (12 x 9 ½ cm). [Old number: No old number]

Silhouette of a woman facing left. She is wearing a brimmed cap and has a prominent nose and chin. Note: manuscript on reverse reads: “My great-grandmother Rose Born in Newburyport, Mass Apr. 4, 1760 married Eber Rose Nov. 22 1780 Died May 21 1828. Her maiden name was Elizabeth Green. Katharine W. D. Herbert April 18 1884.”  No image available

A letter from Jason M. Barnard. Boston, February 14, 1844 to his brother James. Detailing the death of their brother John and the sale of books. No image available

Art studio invoice regarding conservation of the drawings in Boxes 17-19. No image available

Folded item entitled, “First hair cut from Kitty’s head.” No image available

Framed certificate for Katherine W. Drummond Herbert [born 1858 niece of Katherine Partridge Wyman] from the Working Girls’ Vacation Society. Item features calligraphy and illuminated manuscript letters. No image available

Stained black leather binding with gold tooling. Gold leaf on the outer pages and newsprint reinforced spine. Each page is interleaved with tissue paper; hand sewn signatures. (11 9/8 x 9 ¼ in) (30 ½ x 23 ½ cm). Enlarge




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