Box 16








Box 16

Folder 1 Unknown artist. [Landscape of Niagara Falls]; Pencil. (14 5/8 x 19 5/8 in) (37 ½ x 50 cm). No date. [Old number: P 20] Enlarge

Landscape image of the Horseshoe and American falls at Niagara Falls taken from above. In the foreground is a lighthouse. There are birds, cleared fields, homes and paths on the horizon to the left and a forest and several buildings to the right. At the base of the Falls are rocks, water vapor and a steamship; a footpath connects the lighthouse and rock ledge. Note: the image is bordered in pencil.

Folder 2 Smith, William White. Plan of Grounds and Buildings 1818-9 Corner of Front and Salem Streets, Worcester, Mass.; Pencil. (10 7/8 x 24 ¾ in) (27 ½ x 63 cm). April 1882. [Old number: P 23] Enlarge

Image of a street scene featuring numerous buildings and structures at the intersection of Front Street and Salem Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. To the left is the Malt house, above that and drawn at an angle is the Slaughter House; to the right is the Burying Ground, Common grounds and cattle show pens. Central in the image is a water pump, trees, the public house and a barn. Note: image is on blue paper; attached white lined paper is glued. Image is signed on the bottom of the white sheet “Sketched by Wm White Smith, April 1882.”

Folder 3 Seager, Edward (ca. 1809-1886). Landscape with Dighton Rock; Pencil. (13 ½ x 19 ¾ in) (34 x 50 cm). 1864. [Old number: P 58] Enlarge

Image of a large flat-faced boulder with light inscriptions in pictorial language. To the left are two men in a boat looking at the rock, one is wearing a hat and sketching, the one has his head in his hand. Behind the rock is a stone wall, a fence and a bare tree. Image is signed in the lower right, “Seager. 1864.” Note: the drawing has light damage.

Folder 4 Gladwin, George E. (1829-1920). Peter C. Bacon House; Charcoal and pencil. (21 7/8 x 17 ¼ in) (55 ½ x 44 cm). No date. Gift of Lyman Bartlett, April 10, 1941. [Old number: P 60] Enlarge

Image of the exterior of a house at the intersection of two tree-lined streets; in the foreground are several towering trees which shade the scene. There is a fence and sidewalk surrounding the house. The home is two stories, has shuttered windows and an entrance with columns and vines. Manuscript notation on reverse reads: “Peter C. Bacon House, Elm Street S.E. Corner of Elm & Linden St. torn down for Washburn House built 1888; Gift of Lyman Bartlett, April 10, 1941.” Image is signed in the lower right, “Geo. E Gladwin 1885.”

Folder 5 Seager, Edward (ca. 1809-1886). Dighton Rock; Pen, Ink and Wash. (13 1/8 x 19 ¼ in) (33 ½ x 49 cm). 1864. [Old number: PIW 2] Enlarge

Image featuring a large flat-faced boulder with numerous pictorial inscriptions possibly etched into the stone; in the foreground water and numerous smaller stones. The image is signed in the lower right, “Seager. 1864.”

Folder 6 Strayer, Paul (1885-). [Design for bookplate for Harriet Grant Gates]; Pen, Ink, Watercolor, Pencil, Gauche. (19 ½ x 13 in) (49 ½ x 33 cm). 1905. Gift of B.N. Gates, November 7, 1932. [Old number: PIW 8] Enlarge

Image of a woman sitting at a desk holding a newspaper in her lap. The woman is wearing a long dress and has her hair tied up in a bun; she is gazing out a stained glass window behind her. The head of the image says: “From the Books” in the bookshelf is the word, “of” and the front of the desk is labeled, “Harriet Grant Gates.” In the foreground are several books.  Her desk is littered with papers, books and an inkwell. Note: the curtain on the window and areas of the woman’s dress are highlighted with gauche. Image is signed in the middle bottom, “Paul Strayer, ‘05” Note: AAS also has the plate and bookplate in its collections.

Folder 7 Rice, Charles A. [Image of the locomotive Neptune]; Pen, Ink and Wash. (14 x 20 in) (35 ½ x 50 ½ cm). 1859. Gift of Jay T. Last, September 25, 1998. [Old number: PIW 12] Enlarge

An image of a steam-powered locomotive facing right on a set of train tracks; detailed are the chimney, boiler, smoke box, firebox and tender of the train. The outside of the cab is labeled, “Neptune.” Several areas of the locomotive are decorated with five-pointed stars. Note: image is bordered by ink and wash. Image is signed in the bottom right, “Chas. A. Rice, Del. 1859.”

Folder 8 Evans, J. Henry. Napoleon; Pen and Ink. (21 1/8 x 14 7/8 in) (53 ½ x 38 cm). May 8, 1852. Gift of Jay T. Last, September 25, 1998. [Old number: PIW 26] Enlarge

Image of Napoleon Bonaparte riding a horse. Napoleon is wearing a starred hat, a long jacket and high boots; visible underneath his coat is a uniform with epaulets. His left arm is pointing upward. The horse is facing the viewer, white and saddled; he has three legs grounded. Image is signed in the lower right, “Drawn by J. Henry Evans, May 8, 1852.” The word, “Napoleon” at the bottom is decorated with vines which also border the entire image. Manuscript notation on back reads, “Susan Ackney presented to Joseph D. Ackney.”

Folder 9 Unknown artist. [Portrait of an unknown man]; Watercolor over a photograph. (21 1/8 x 17 in) (53 ½ x 43 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: PIW 46] Enlarge

Watercolor over a photograph portrait from the knee of a man facing forward. The man is balding, has long sideburns and a round face; he is wearing a vest, white shirt, black tie and long overcoat. His left arm is bent and his hand holding his vest. A chain connects his vest with his coat and he has a pinky ring on his left hand.

Folder 10 Kramer, Peter (1823-1907). [Political Cartoon of the election of Hendricks]; Pen and Ink. Proof: (12 ¼ x 19 1/8 in) (31 x 48 ½ cm). Drawing: (14 x 22 1/8 in) (35 ½ x 56 ½ cm). after 1880. [Old number: PIW 48 A & B] Enlarge

Political cartoon featuring a man in a hat and boots holding a whip against two men hunched over. To the left is a man with long sideburns writing a note: “Harper’s Weekly Vote for the hungry party! Vote for the Copperhead Hendricks!” Featured on the right is a thin man with a beard and spectacles speaking to a crowd. He says, “The election of Hendricks would be a national calamity! (1876.) Vote for him! (1880.)” Image could possibly be a cartoon for Harper’s Weekly. Note: proof of the drawing is included in folder. Image is signed in the lower left, “P.Kramer.”

Folder 11 Willson, F.J. [Political Cartoon with Frederick Douglass and a crowd]; Pen and Ink. (19 ¼ x 16 ¾ in) (49 x 42 ½ cm). ca. June 1883. [Old number: PIW 50] Enlarge

Political cartoon image featuring Frederick Douglass facing the viewer. He is walking up stairs towards a building with columns; he has a cane, a top hat and is carrying a book labeled, “F. Douglas.” To his left is a mob of people; in the forefront are two older men, one has spectacles, long sideburns and is turning his face away. The other has a full beard, is carrying an umbrella and a note which says “Protest.” Behind these men are numerous angry looking women with other signs reading, “Protest.” In the upper left is a devilish looking man in a top hat with horns, pointed ears, a goatee and smoking a cigarette. Image is annotated in upper left, “#679.” There are numerous books littering the ground. Image is signed in the lower left, “F.J. Willson.” Manuscript notation on reverse reads: “1883. Pub. June.”




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